dna topology

I’m starting an applied research project (DNA Topology) with one of my former calc students who has sufficient background in genetics to do such a thing. I started out saying I’d work on all the theory with her, but I wasn’t really interested in the application in its own right because lol I don’t want to learn non-math things…but today we pulled up the paper that deals with the application, and at first I was like ‘yeah it’s got all these science words. This part is all you.’ 

And then I got to the part where it starts being math…

and I flipped out. 

It’s SO COOL! I was all excited because it’s MATH! It’s MY MATH that I KNOW ABOUT except it’s there in the world! I kept going, “Look at that! That’s my math that I do!”

And my new research pal was sitting there like, “…I’m not sure what you expected applied math to be, but, yes, it is indeed math that has been applied to things.”