dna splicers

Colress visits the other regions:

Kanto - the cress man is confused. There is no Legendary Duo with a ~mysterious third~ for him to make DNA splicers for. The cress man is sad. He combines all three of the Legendary Birds and leaves the region.

Johto - aha, a Legendary Duo! But… there is no ~mysterious third~. He splices together Ho-oh and Lugia and leaves the region, dissatisfied.

Hoenn - internet explorer rejoices. Grouquaza and Rayogre are within his grasp…. but before he can craft the DNA Splicers for the weather trio he is abducted by Deoxys and not seen again for three years

Sinnoh - the cress man sets his sights on Dialgatina and Giralkia. Arceus punts him out of the region before the man destroys the fabric of space-time.

Unova - he just runs through the region very quickly so no one can catch him.

Kalos - DNA Splicers for Yvelgarde and Zyneas go! the cress man creates them, but before they can be used, AZ comes and stands very close. Not saying a word. Making uncomfortable eye-contact. the cress man gives him the Splicers and rolls away slowly on the Kalosian rollerskates.

Alola -       u l t r a      s p l i c e r s

How Do You Get Your Hair To Stay Like That?

Emerald: Hair gel, duh, what other ways are there?

Green: It’s a mixture of natural cowlicks, a blow dryer, and some hairspray

Red: Like what? I thought my hair was normal?

Gold: Haven’t brushed my hair since the ‘90s

Crystal: I? Don’t? Know? My hair has gotten wet but maintained form and it has started to show signs of intelligent life

Peal: The ‘natural windswept look’ of running in circles while waiting for Diamond

Shauna:  Qu'est-ce que vous avez dit? Je ne parle pas anglais

Hugh: DNA-splicers and a qwilfish

White: I shampoo to give it volume

WhiTwo: Donut ask about it

LackTwo: It’s just fluffy. Is this whole list mainly to make fun of Unova hair styles?

Silver, Ruby, Cheren, and everyone else with those fricken antenna: “Ever heard of Anime?”

I really don’t buy the DNA Splicers is responsible for the new forms. The item is already available in SM so making it now a huge part of the plot is pointless since by that logic we should have the new forms in SM. Plus the description of the item is connected to only Kyurem 


A/N: Here it is, some Graduate Scientist!Hobi Smut. This is for Queen @tayegi because she puts out such good shit like A++++ shit. Also thanks for the anon who mentioned the idea of HobixHobi smut. You created a plot bunny for me. 

This is my longest smut at 3.8k words. Enjoy!

           You woke up to the sound of screaming, head pounding and the feeling of wet blood on your face. You tried to look around the room, look past the bodies of your colleagues, those of which that were still alive wandered about shock written on their features. You painfully stood up, stumbling as the room spun. You held your hands out in front of you, there were sirens, you could hear them.  The smell of burnt bodies and chemicals permeated the air; making you want to vomit. Where the hell was Hoseok? You tried to remember what had happened, what caused the lab to explode. Jungwoo ran towards you, his hands gripping your shoulders as he shook you.

“Y/N!” He cried, you stared blankly ahead, eyes occasionally darting forward and around in search of Hoseok. “Y/N what happened?” Hoseok… where was Hoseok? What if he was dead? He was the one closest to the explosion. You were remembering; Hoseok was standing with his back turned to the genome splicer. Hoseok and you had been working on genome splicing as your graduate thesis. There was a delicate balance of sulfates and other chemicals that powered the splicer. You couldn’t place what caused the explosion, only that you had looked up from your microscope to laugh at a joke he had told when a bright flash of blue and white erupted from behind him and you were tossed back.  You were only twenty-five, you couldn’t die. You weren’t even dying; you were in shock and all Jungwoo was doing was screaming, causing you to snap.

“Shut the fuck up!” you screamed. You put a hand on your forehead, pulling it back when the wet feeling of blood coated it. You were trying to think, think about anything that was happening and you couldn’t find Hoseok. You scan the room again, eyes looking for any sign of him, then you saw it. The bright red sneakers he always wore. You shoved Jungwoo off you, stumbling over to Hoseok, he was unconscious. Your heart was caught in your chest and you leaned down over his chest, praying he was breathing. You heard the ragged breathing spill from his lips and you whimpered in relief. Maybe it was the relief of knowing he was alive or the shock over the situation… but you slumped over on him, your eyes closing as you listened to his breathing.

“Hey, Y/N?” Hoseok asked, walking over to your lab station with a grin on his face. You looked up, brow arched and a small frown on your lips.

“What is it Hobi?” You were trying to figure out if it was possible to clone something other than a sheep. His smile only got wider as he leaned down.

“I think I found the solution to our thesis.”

“What?” You blanched. If there were flies in the room, your mouth would have caught them by now. There was no way he figured it out, no way in hell. You had been working on this thesis for three years. Hoseok with you every step of the way and he figured it out?

“What if instead of trying to replicate every strand chemically, we use the genome splicer?” Hoseok suggested, you paused… could that work? You rose from your chair and walked over to the whiteboard in the room. Hobi following you, you grabbed a marker and began writing chemical equations down.  Hoseok leaned next to you, reading as you wrote.

“What if we chemically replicate, place the replicated DNA in the splicer and work from there? We need a sample, to test.” You tried to think. Hoseok held out his arm.

“Just draw some blood, you can use my blood as the sample.”

It was too bright in the room, which you figured was a hospital room. The beeping of the monitors give it away for you. You looked around the room, seeing another bed occupied beside yours. Resting inside was Hoseok. You whimpered, tears brimming your eyes and falling down your cheeks. “Hobi,”

“Hey, Y/N.” He replied groggily. He gave you one of his winning smiles. “You aren’t crying over me; are you?” he joked and you laughed despite the pain in your ribs. He looked fine for someone who had a genome splicer explode behind him. There were obvious bruises, some cuts. But, no broken bones. You couldn’t help but feel such unadulterated relief move through you. He was fine, probably not mentally. You wondered the state of your research, you were both so close to finding it. But, with the lab gone, how else were you guys going to get funding now? You closed your eyes, curious as to what happens next. You and Hoseok rested together, not thinking of what was left of your lab…

The being pulled itself from the ashes, body naked and heart pounding with renewed vigor. Hoseok walked in no particular direction. Was he Hoseok? No… he was something new, something different. He felt a pull to Hoseok, a part of him that was kept secret. He kept walking, unabashed in his nakedness. He wasn’t sure how he ended up at an apartment he didn’t know, reaching into the bottom of a light post next to the door and entering the home. Pictures all along the all showed what looked like himself; arm wrapped around a fellow lab coat clad girl. Something stirred in him at seeing the picture of the girl, a dark twisted desire that made his eyes cloud.  He walked back into the bedroom, pulling open the drawers and grabbing clothes. He pulled a pair of boxers over his hips and then a pair of sweats. He walked around the apartment, thumbing the spines of books lying around. One of the books names contained Hope. Should his name be hope? Jung Hoseok made him, so… J-Hope. Yes, J-Hope would suit him nicely.

Hoseok was released two weeks later, Y/N was released a week before him. He returned home surprised to find the front door unlocked and the stereo in his bedroom blasting music. Hoseok walked back into the bedroom to find a figure sitting on his bed. A figure that looked dead on like him. “Who are you?” he asked, slowly treading into the room. The figure let out a laugh, a smirk befalling his lips.

“I’m you, dear Creator. My name is J-Hope” The figure replied. Hoseok gasped, it worked, it really worked. The lab explosion, his DNA… it brought this creature into being. This J-Hope. Hoseok had to call you, had to tell you it worked. “Creator, who is the girl in all your photos?” J-Hope asked, standing up and thumbing a picture of the two of you at the beach. Hoseok’s arm wrapped around your figure and the writing on the photo saying: Hobi and Y/N’s day at the beach! It was written rather elegantly. J-Hope had a renewed interest in the girl, seeing after seeing pictures of the two together, he understood the appeal. Her skin looked soft and inviting. Something he could see himself marking. Skin he imagined holding in his hands, skin that would taste sweet under his tongue. He imagined it so fervently. It was as if it were real to him.

“Stop thinking about her.” Pleading, Hoseok was pleading to J-Hope, a painful tone laced behind the words.

“Why, Creator?” This intrigued J-Hope, made him curious as to what feelings were shared between the two. How linked were they? Hoseok was thinking similar thoughts, thoughts of testing. “Why are you so attached to this Y/N?” Hoseok wasn’t sure how to answer the question. He and Y/N had been friends for three years, ever since they decided to work on their graduate thesis together. He… loved her. They spent so much time together already, how could he have not fallen for her. The way her smile lit up a room, the hilarious way she snorted when she laughed. Half the time he worried she stopped breathing when she laughed. Hoseok thought of Y/N often, thought of all the things he loved about her… he also thought of all the things he could do to her. During the loneliest of nights, he imagined her; imagined the way she would kiss him, tenderly but with a growing urgency. How her hands would greedily shove his clothes off his body. He imagined how good it would feel for him to yank her hair back as he fucked into her from behind, a hand slapping her ass as she cried out in bliss.

“Stop that!” Hoseok hissed. Those thoughts weren’t his own. But, they were his thoughts. Weren’t they? They were the part of him he kept secret. The thoughts too dark to propose to the girl he loved. J-Hope smirked.

“Creator, why not give into your desires?” J-Hope circled around Hoseok, almost predatory in nature.

“Stop calling me that, my name is Hoseok.”

“Hoseok, I think it’s time you get what you wanted and I’m going to help you achieve it.”

“How?” Hoseok begged, his head filled with thoughts of you, thoughts of J-Hope, of everything that happened these last three weeks.

“You’ll see, I have a plan.” J-Hope whispered this in Hoseok’s ear, voice filled with a promise that Hoseok didn’t quite understand yet.

A month passed, a month since your lab exploded and all your research went down in flames. You were fine, there wasn’t any residual injury and you felt like everything was going back to normal aside from the nightmares, but those were manageable. After the accident, your professor thought it would be best for you and Hoseok to take a break, take time off away from the science. Hoseok seemed more than happy to oblige, insisting that it would give you guys more time to hang out. You however, still felt the gnawing feeling in your chest, like something just wasn’t right. It’s not like you were strapped for cash, it turned out that the cause of the lab explosion was the fault of the company that manufactured the genome splicer. Which meant that you got a hefty payout. Ever since the explosion Hoseok had changed, there would be days where he was overly sweet and kind. Bringing you takeout, when you got home. Hoseok consoled you after a nightmare, staying over at your apartment far too often. Then there were moments where you hardly recognized Hoseok. He would come into your apartment, eyes lingering on you too much. Barging into your bedroom unannounced, he would take in your typically half naked form because; for some reason, he always came in while you were changing. You would yell at him, but he would only smirk and walk out of the room.

You had to admit, it was hot. You had never really looked at Hoseok as anything other than your best friend. Your lab partner, that’s all he was to you… initially. But now, seeing sides of him you hadn’t before… you understood why girls fawned all over him. You weren’t insecure or shy by any means. You had your own gentleman callers, so girls fawning over him didn’t bother you. Until it did… the way girls touched his tan skin, ruffled the dark strands of his hair, complimented him on his genius. It made your skin crawl. You tried not to think of the effect it had on you, opting for sheer denial instead.

Another month passed, you were still out of work and feeling super shitty. So, Hoseok suggested a night on the town. He wanted to get your mind of your perceived failure, even though you didn’t fail. It was eating him up inside. Not being able to tell you, it made him want to scream. But, J-Hope had a plan, they both wanted you. They both had plans for you. J-Hope told Hoseok that they should go to a club, where they would switch out every hour. They would switch out twice. Hoseok questioned the number confused and J-Hope chuckled.

“Hoseok, two switches is all it takes, she’ll be back here in no time.” J-Hope shrugged the same black blazer over his white shirt. Hoseok bit his lip.

“I still think we should tell her, that the experiment worked.”

“She’ll want to run tests, ruin our fun.” Hoseok sighed in defeat. J-Hope left before him, vowing to meet them at the club and then back at the apartment once Hoseok texted him with confirmation. Hoseok grabbed his car keys off the table and headed to your place. He rapped on the door three times before you answered, the dark emerald of your dress complimented your skin tone. It was velvet and too tight for his liking. It made him want to fuck J-Hope’s plan and keep you for himself.

Hoseok, knock it the fuck off.’ It was J-Hope, his thoughts intruding in Hoseok’s head.

‘You haven’t seen her, you don’t even know J-Hope.’ He thought back, he could hear J-Hope chuckling in his head.

“Hobi, Hobi!” You snapped your fingers in front of his face. Hoseok looked at you, a smile gracing his lips. “Hoseok, are we going or are you going to stand there all night?” You grabbed his hand and pulled him out of your apartment, you locked the door behind you. You both headed out to hail a cab, you often let him keep his car at your place when you went out drinking. You guys headed over to the club, the loud bass thumping through both of you. He walked you in and to the bar, grabbing a beer for himself and a gin and tonic for you. You drank for a bit, before heading out to the dance floor, Hoseok excused himself to the restroom. When he came back you could have sworn he was wearing a black shirt, not a white one. Hoseok held his hand out to you and you took it, letting him spin you onto the dance floor. Your hips grinded against his and his hands roamed up and down your body, lips near the back of your neck. What the fuck was this? What had gotten into Hoseok?

“Y/N, you smell so good,” Hoseok moaned against your throat.

‘I swear to god J-Hope, don’t be greedy.’ Hoseok chuckled against your skin, as if he had heard something funny. You pressed yourself against him and turned to face him. You ran a hand across his chest, up his neck. You pulled his forehead close to yours, hips swaying to the beat.

“What’s gotten into you?” You preened, you rolled your hips against his, feeling the way his cock hardened for you. Hoseok smirked and pressed a kiss to your lips, pushing you back.

“I’m going to get one more drink and then we’re leaving.” Hoseok moved from you and you gaped at him from the dance floor, watching him disappear into the throng of people. Not ten minutes later he was back, you gripped him to you.

“Why the fuck did you leave me?” You asked, kissing his neck and reveling in the hoarse whine that came from his mouth.

“Let’s go.” He pulled you out, not before sending a quick text to J-Hope. This was working, holy shit it was actually working. “We’re going to my place.”

“But, mine is closer.” You protested and he slapped your ass. He kissed your lips, tongue shoved into your mouth and hands keeping you close to him as he hailed a cab. When it arrived, you slid in, anxiously waiting to get back to his apartment. The tension in the vehicle was stifling, causing the velvet of your dress to keep your skin hot and sweat rolled down your back. The cab rolled to a stop and you both got out, not before Hoseok could reattach himself to you, teeth pulling at your bottom lip and you were damn grateful he lived on the first floor. He walked you backwards to his front door and shoved you against it, his lips now on your neck as he marked your skin with blue and purple.

He opened his front door and kicked it shut behind him, tossing his blazer off while you separated from him and removed the heels from your feet. You beckoned a finger at him, pulling him back to his room with a giggle, his lips once again preoccupying themselves with the skin on your neck and shoulders. The door to his bedroom opened and you froze. A man sat on the bed, clothes all but gone, save the white boxers that rested on his hips.  

“Hello, Y/N.” J-Hope cooed, the man in front of you… he looked dead on Hobi. It was uncanny. Hoseok stopped kissing you and smiled against his skin.

“Hoseok… who is this?” You questioned staring at the man in white with your lip caught between your teeth.

“I’m J-Hope.” He rose from the bed, his fingers dancing up your arm as he approached you. “We danced together, you don’t remember?”

“I danced with Hoseok…”

“I am Hoseok, well a part of him at least.” You gaped. The experiment. The lab accident three months ago, Hobi’s erratic behavior. It all made sense. Hobi resumed his kissing and your knees weakened. J-Hope leaned down to press a sultry kiss to your lips, before speaking.

           “You want answers, and you’ll get them I promise,” he began, eyes gazing into yours as he kissed your jaw, your cheek, nibbling your earlobe. “After we fuck you.”

           Fuck… Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck! This wasn’t happening. This was a really seductively vivid dream. There was no way this was real, no way the wetness flooding your panties was anything but fictitious. You felt hands pull at the zipper on your dress, letting it slide off you. Your nipples hardened in response to the chilly air hitting them, throat suddenly dry.

           “Hoseok, she didn’t wear a bra? No wonder you were so worked up earlier.”  You heard Hobi groan behind you, hips rutting into your ass. You swallowed thickly as J-Hope’s hand moved down your torso, flicking your nipples as he went. He cupped your cunt through your panties, running a finger over your slit and you buckled. Hoseok held you up, lips to your ear.

           “Be a good girl Y/N, you’ll get rewarded if you do.” Shit… you couldn’t handle this. This was fucking magical and you never wanted it to end. You felt J-Hope take hold of you, giving Hoseok a chance to undress, he turned you walking back to the bed and sitting you on his lap, you felt the hard cock of J-Hope resting against your ass, his lips back on your ear as Hoseok slipped his boxers off.

           “Look at him, do you know what he thinks about when you aren’t around?” J-Hope asked and you shook your head, eyes trailing over Hoseok’s lean and tan body. Hoseok took his cock in his hand, fisting it slowly and you squirmed against J-Hope. “My dear, he thinks about the way your cunt tastes the most, he thinks of how good you would look spread out on his bed, arms bound as he spent hours eating you out…” Your breathing was ragged. Could you come from words alone? “He thinks of how fucking amazing it would feel for his cock to be nestled in your mouth, your cunt.” You reached out for Hobi, a moan falling from your lips.

           “Please, touch me…” You begged, arching forward. You wanted them both, in any way they would have you. Hoseok leaned down and kissed you, all while J-Hope shimmied his boxers and your panties off. While Hoseok was sweet, J-Hope was sour, both a tantalizing combination. You squirmed out of their grip, they both stared at you hungrily. You kneeled in front of J-Hope and stuck your ass out for Hoseok. “Hobi, please.” Hoseok obliged diving down to lick at your folds. In return, J-Hope put his fingers in your hair and guided you down to wrap your lips around his cock. You hollowed out your cheeks, the occasional moan slipping from your mouth, causing J-Hope to hiss in pleasure. Hoseok laved at your clit, slipping two fingers inside you. You pulled off J-Hope to moan, hand replacing where your mouth once was. Hoseok moved away from you, much to your distaste. They were tired of being teased.

           Hoseok walked to his bedside drawer and grabbed two condoms. One for himself and one for J-Hope. Hoseok tossed the foil packet to J-Hope who was pulling you up to rest over him. J-Hope lifted is hips up, lining himself up with you as he fumbled with the condom. He lowered you down on to him and you cried out, head tipping back. You rode J-Hope slowly, hips languidly moving against his. Hoseok watched, his breath caught in his chest at the sight. You were completely beautiful, totally fucked out and it made him angry that it wasn’t him under you now.

‘Patience, Hoseok. You’ll get your turn’ J-Hope looked over at the other, holding his gaze before turning his attention back to you, his fingers toyed with your nipples before slipping down to your clit. You clenched around J-Hope, small gasps leaving you. Hoseok took a hand back to his cock, trying to get some relief from the ache inside him. “Y/N, come for me, come around my cock.” It was so bizarre, to clench around a clone. To come around a clone. But, you did. J-Hope thrusted into you harder, chasing that own high as he fucked you into oversensitivity. You shuddered around him, a hoarse cry leaving you as you collapsed on top of him. J-Hope gingerly flipped the two of you over, pulling out of you and kissing up your body.

“Can you go one more time princess, for Hoseok?” You nodded, a sigh leaving you. Hoseok strode over to you kissing you firmly on the lips. He slipped the condom on and held you close to him. Hoseok slid inside you, the whine in the back of his throat causing that dark heat to stir back up in your belly. You both kissed for several minutes before he started moving, his slow and careful thrusts lost their edge as he got close.

“Y/N I love you,” Hoseok moaned into your skin, “I love you, I love you, I love you…” He chanted against your skin with every thrust of his hips. Your heart swelled in pride and you were thrown into a second orgasm. The feeling of you clenching on him sent him into an orgasm. He pulled out of you with a small whine, disposing of the condom and curling up next to you.

“So, it worked…” You breathed, looking at the two men beside you. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I’ll have to run tests.” You were growing sleepy and Hoseok kissed your lips.

“See Hoseok, I told you she’d ruin our fun.”  

Colress did NOT fuse the legendaries

He did not MAKE the DNA splicers either

If anyone’s going to have anything to do with fusing legendaries it will be Ghetsis, the Shadow Triad and N

Since yknow

It was the Triad who got the DNA splicers from Drayden

It was Ghetsis who caught Kyurem and used the DNA Splicers

It was N’s dragon that got forcibly fused with Kyurem

Pokemon ORAS: Stuff to know part 3 - No Spoilers.

 Version Exclusives (Updated)

Omega Ruby
Seedot > Nuzleaf > Shiftry
Skrelp > Dragalge
Kabuto > Kabutops
Sheldon > Bastiodon
Archen > Archeops

Alpha Sapphire
Lotad > Lombre > Ludicolo
Clauncher > Clawitzer
Omanyte > Omastar
Cranidos > Rampardos
Tortuga > Carracosta

Legendary Pokemon Locations
Groudon (Ruby)/Kyogre (Sapphire): Cave of Origins
Rayquaza: Sky Pillar
Deoxys: Sky Pillar

The Regi trio have got the same legwork to activate. Before the three locations become available to you you must have a Relicanth and Wailord as well as a Pokemon with Dig and Dive. On Route 134 you must take the correct path through the currents to the patch of water you can Dive in. Once below follow the path up to the Braille inscription and resurface. Go to the next inscription and use Dig. Make Relicanth the 1st of your party and Wailord the 6th, then read that inscription. Three earthquakes will trigger and open passages on each respective route.
Regirock: Desert Ruins
Regice: Island Cave
Registeel: Ancient Tomb
Regigigas: Island Cave after having all 3 Regis. Note this will revolve more around Regice. You must go to pacifidlog town and talk to a girl in the north-eastern house. Give Regice any ice item (CasteliaCone, Snowball or Nevermelt Ice) and also it must be nicknamed. Then go back to the Island cave and Regigigas will challenge you.

Ho-Oh/Lugia (See exclusives above): After delta episode go to Sea mauville and get the Scanner in the basement. Take it to captain stern in Slateport and he will give you a Clear Bell. Bring the bells back to the Sea Mauville and the bells will resonate when you’re on the deck opening a portal. One of these two birds will then attack.

Heatran: Scorched Slab

Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf: All three appear in “Nameless Cave” near sootopolis. you will catch them at different times based on gameplay, so in other words, you must revisit the cave 3 times.

Palkia/Dialga (See exclusives): You need the three elves from above in your team while soaring in the sky above Dewford town. This is where you’ll find them.

Giratina: You need both Dialga and Palka in your team, then return to where you found DIalga/Palkia from before.

Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion: Pathless Plain (Pacifidlog): You need to soar here it’s a small island with a portal. Like the three elves, they come based on time one by one

Reshiram/Zekrom (See exclusives): Fabled Cave south east of Mauville City. You need to soar to come here.

Kyurem: Gnarled Den near Fallabor town, you need to soar with reshiram and zekrom in your team. DNA Splicers are found when using dowsing machine here

Raikou/Entei/Suicune: Trackless Forest (near rustboro). Soaring is needed to find this area and you must have Lugia and Hooh in your team. Fortunately, you just need to remove Ho-oh and lugia from your team and re-add to be able to revisit for the next beast unlike the Muskedeers and Elves.

Tornadus/Thundurus (See exclusives): Soaring in sky near fortree you will come across a storm

Landorus: Same place as the other two genies but you must have em both in your party.

Cresselia: Crescent Island but how to get it is still unknown.

Welp.  I just.  Yep.  I haven’t seen all of them for the season, but…  Here go.  I think I’m caught up now.  Why.  I may not remember everything that happened (thanks to brain-bleach!) but here are some…  summaries?  Thoughts?  Well, at least a something.  Yeah~ this is definitely a something.

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