dna lounge

i made a very limited number of these “MAKE RACISTS AFRAID AGAIN” shirts that will be for sale sunday at the punk-metal flea market at the dna lounge in sf!

get yours early!


Larry falls off the stage.


HUMANWINE featuring Theramina- Alice (Tom Waits Cover)

Song 3 in the Songs Stuck in Emchy’s Head series


DNA Lounge

Sampler Medley [Live]
Sampler Medley [Live]

Prince - Sampler Medley
DNA Lounge - San Francisco, CA (2013)

01. Sign O’ The Times

02 - Hot Thing

03 - Nasty Girl (instrumental]

04 - When Doves Cry

05 - I Would Die 4 U

06 - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

07 - Housequake

08 - A Love Bizarre

09 - Pop Life

10 - Alphabet St. 

11 - The Most Beautiful Girl In The World