dna cover

A bloody shirt disposed of by Luka Magnotta in a dumpster outside of his apartment after the brutal murder of Lin Jun. Upon further investigation of the dumpster, law enforcement found the following as well:

-Bloody garbage bags

-2 legs

-2 arms

-A bloody pillowcase

-A dead puppy

-A video camera

-A laptop

-A cell phone

-A poster

-A wine bottle

-2 knives

-A screwdriver

-A grinding saw

-A hammer

-Latex gloves covered in Jun’s DNA

-A hoodie covered in Jun’s blood and Magnotta’s semen

~ Clexa Playlist ~

• Paralyzed - NF
• I Found - Amber Run
• MoonDust - Jaymes Young
• Oceans - Seafret
• DNA - Beyond Mason Cover
• I’ll be good - Jaymes Young
• Burden - Subtact & Jay Rodger
• In My Veins - Andrew Belle
• Please Don’t Go - Barcelona
• Wonderland - Taylor Swift
• Dream - Imagine Dragons
• Winner - Ellie Goulding
• Lay Me Down - Sam Smith
• Atlantis - Seafret
• All I Want - Ellie Goulding Cover
• Yamaha - Delta Spirit
• Thing Called Love - NF

Please enjoy. If you any other songs you’d like to add, feel free to message me.

Time to expand on the twins au I wrote a blurb about forever ago but never did any worldbuilding. Thanks for bringing it back to my attention, @oo-snowflakes-oo!!!

  • When Shimura Nana’s babies decide they want to come into the world early, it leads to birthing complications, and she ends up losing her life while giving birth to the older twin, Toshinori. Doctors have to perform an emergency c-section in order to save the younger twin, Izuku.
  • No one knows it at the time, but the unsual circumstances of the twins’ birth has some unexpected effects on their future quirks. Since he was being born at the time she died and was still technically part of her DNA and was covered in her DNA, Toshinori ends up inheriting his mother’s quirk, One for All (though it doesn’t manifest until he turns four). And since they were twins and were both still attached to the placenta, Izuku should have inherited One for All as well and essentially had a copy-paste of his brother’s quirk. But due to being trapped in her womb at the time of the death, and the near-suffocation he suffered because of it, his at the time dormant quirk ended up mutating and becoming something completely different - All for One.
  • Izuku and Toshinori’s quirks manifest at the exact same time, though no one realizes it because it actually takes a while for people to realize what Izuku’s quirk is. They find out one day when the twins are playing with their childhood friend, Kacchan, who had decided that Toshinori’s quirk was totally flashy enough for them to continue being friends, and seemed to assume that Izuku’s would be the same when it came in. They’re playing together when Izuku trips and falls onto Kacchan and accidentally “grabs” Kacchan’s quirk. Needless to say, he’s not very happy and he screams and cries and demands for Izuku to give his quirk back. Eventually they’re able to work out how to return it to him (with help from their dad Gran Torino and some other adults).
  • Kacchan is somewhat traumatized and spreads it through their whole preschool the next day that Izuku has an evil quirk and that you shouldn’t ever touch him. This leads to Izuku becoming an outcast, and Toshinori (who refuses to abandon his brother) eventually becomes alienated by his peers too.
  • Neither of them cares very much at first, because they have each other. They spend their days talking about their plans to become heroes in the future, designing matching hero outfits and declaring their goals to become the Symbols of Peace, deterring evil by their mere existence. They’d be the perfect combination - the brains and the brawn. They’d take back their late mother’s position as the number one hero from Endeavor, and they’d make their parents proud.
  • But somewhere along the way, Izuku becomes discouraged, after being told time and time again that his isn’t a quirk meant for heroes.
  • When the UA entrance exams come around, Izuku applies for the general education department without telling Toshinori. When his brother finds out, he’s absolutely furious that Izuku went back on their age old promise, and the two of them have their first big fight in their whole lives, complete with screaming and punching (though even then Toshinori makes sure not to activate OfA and Izuku hates him for it because how is he supposed to be angry at him now?).
  • Gran Torino tries everything he can to get his sons to make up but nothing works, and their first day of high school starts with stony silence, each of them walking to school on their own, ignoring each other.
  • Toshinori, the charming one, the charismatic one, the popular one, feels like a fish out of water without his brother there at his side, and he has an absolutely miserable first day, though he does manage to sort of make friends with some of his classmates, and piss Bakugou off while he was doing it.
  • Izuku, the quiet one, the smart one, the witty one, is just as miserable. He’s used to letting Toshinori do the talking for both of them, so he doesn’t know how to interact with his classmates. Predictably, everyone starts giving him a wide berth after they do their introductions, and it’s revealed what his quirk is. He’s not the only one though, and as Izuku watches Shinsou Hitoshi sit down amidst whispers of “villainous quirk”, he feels a strange sense of camaraderie. And obviously the feeling goes both ways because at lunch, Izuku finds himself with a companion, and the two become fast friends.
  • Izuku eventually makes up with his brother, and though things are a bit awkward for the first little while, they eventually work out a system whereby they don’t talk about the elephant in the room, and they can go back to their inseparable relationship.
  • In the end, Shinsou and his unwavering focus on becoming a pro convinces Izuku to try fighting for his dream again. The two of them practice tirelessly so that they can dazzle at the sports festival, though Izuku decides not to tell Toshinori, wanting to surprise him.
  • And in the end, Shinsou and Izuku both do fantastically at the Sports Festival and are promoted to the Heroics Department of UA and are both placed in 1A, where Toshinori proceeds to cry and cling to his twin brother as if he never plans to let go.

Soo, this is my and my friends’ cover of DNA (unplugged version) by Little Mix, I’d be reeeeally grateful if you could reblog it :))

TMZ’s role

I just want to point out that TMZ is known for exposing stories that wouldn’t otherwise become public/getting the first scoop. They’re not an outlet that has a good public relationship with many celebrities. They’re associated with getting the first details and making their readers feel like they have special or classified information.

That is to say, that whatever they have coming up the pipeline, there will likely be a sense attached to it that it wasn’t necessarily meant to become publicized. Exactly like a negative DNA test would be covered, for instance, as it looks better for Louis if it looked like he was trying to keep that particular story private.

In contrast, the coming out should be a strong narrative. It should make Louis and Harry out to be individuals in charge of their lives and proud to be who they are. A TMZ outing (not that TMZ would participate in that story because Harvey has clear boundaries with regards to coming out) would not lead to those things. So I think it’s HIGHLY unlikely that TMZ has the coming out story.

I do think that TMZ is intentionally seeding Larry in their babygate coverage (perhaps as a trade off for the babygate story). But I think that’s to aid the larger story, not because the CO is TMZ’s endgame. They don’t want it to be anyways.

so my dad skype calls me and he’s at this japanese shop and asks me if I want something (duh, ofc I want something, I want EVERYTHING) and he got me a bunch of hq file folders and a few volumes of spoon 2di (56, 57 and 58 and oh god DNA COVER AND POSTER SOMEONE PLS HOLD ME *SOBS*)

I couldn’t be happier rn ahhhh


Hey guys so as some of you may or may not know I’m in a girlband and we did a cover of DNA the other day so it’d be amazing if you could check it out :) It’s not the best thing ever, but we did pretty good considering we did the entire learn, practice, and record in one night. (I’m the one with the lighter guitar fyi)