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SCIENCE! Let me tell you a little about deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA as ponies like to call it. Many people think of DNA as a book or like a file, but that could not be farther from the truth. If anything it is more like a blueprint made by a blind guy with far too much time on his hands, that the builders ignore 90% of. However, they are capable of creating very complex chemicals like tetrodotoxin, which is both a venom and a poison. Depending on the animal. At the same time many genes are reread for example the exact same gene that made dogs more docile gave some of them floppy ears, but not all animals have the same linked traits like the same process of domestication did not give any cats floppy ears. Also many genes work with each other for example you have a little structure on the side from your sonic gene this sends out a chemical signal in the early stage of your life another gene in your hand pick up on the signal and creates fingers depending on the signal’s strength. Scientists once time messed around with these genes. They took an eye gene from a pig and spliced it into a fly’s rear. The result was perfectly normal fly eyes on the insect’s rear. There are all kinds of weirdness as to even where these genes are on the DNA. There might be several copies of the same gene or even genes moved around to different places. People have this strange idea that one can simple cut and paste DNA together, but if you do that you might not get what you expect. Even a single extra chromosome causes down syndrome and retardation. At the same time many negative diseases and traits only appear in men due to the fact they have only one X chromosome. baldness being one such trait. Any success in genetics today is mostly from simple genes that produce a singular chemical or protein. Otherwise farmers would have majorly capitalized glucosinolates which is deadly to most insects, but is about as harmless to humans as brussel sprouts and mustard. This does not even touch biology which is basically you can’t get something for nothing. A little food for thought eggplants are very closely related to deadly nightshade and contain the same toxins.

round 3 of headcanons: seidou-only ver. (i have so many headcanons but like one friend who likes dna cries i should look for dna blogs soon)

  • you know that baseball magazine eijun had, the one with miyuki in it? eijun still has it. he also keeps other photographs of miyuki he finds in newspapers and magazines and hides it all in a box under his bed. kuramochi opens them thinking they’re porn mags. they never stop teasing eijun about it.
  • miyuki snapchats a lot. eijun is still relatively new to snapchat so he doesn’t know that the other person gets notifications if you screenshot their pics. one day, miyuki’s snapchatted like four selfies and eijun screenshots all of them. miyuki uploads a picture of the notifications. after that, everyone calls eijun lover boy.
  • chris’s shoulder heals completely near the end of his first year in uni and joins the uni’s baseball team. everyone hears he’s playing again and comes to see him. eijun won’t stop crying tears of happiness and chris’s teammates remember him as that boy who cries a lot.
  • furuya gets a gigantic polar bear plush (it’s like 100 cm tall) from the team for his birthday. he sleeps with it pretty often.
  • though all the seidou boys prank each other a lot, no one ever messes with chris. it’s both out of respect and a fear of retribution from eijun.
  • leaving eijun in tokyo, aka a place he’s still very unfamiliar with (he probably hasn’t had much of a chance to explore with baseball practice and all) is a fucking terrible idea. once eijun got lost in the other side of tokyo and sent a mass email to everyone for help and when that didn’t work he went on twitter. it took like two hours before anyone decided to give him directions home and it was nabe. god bless nabe.
  • on movie nights, neither of the kominato brothers are allowed to pick movies.
  • if someone calls miyuki at like three in the morning he won’t even sound tired when he picks up. even his own roommates aren’t sure when he sleeps.
  • anyone who’s too tired to shower, study, or speaks rudely to their seniors gets smacked by kanemaru.
  • no one wakes up haruichi anymore. he sleeps with a bat in his bed. one day, everyone was in miyuki’s room, but haruichi had fallen asleep early. zono tried to wake him up and his life flashed before his eyes.
  • sometimes they make midnight trips to the convenience store, even if it’s on a weekday, to buy instant noodles, chips, and soda. rei reprimands them because they’re athletes and shouldn’t be eating junk food.
  • speaking of which, sometimes they’re placed on a junk food restriction for a week at a time. on weeks like those, no one (sans miyuki, kanemaru, and haruichi) has the energy to last through practice.

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