dna au

  • Hoseok: Prepare for trouble!
  • Yoongi: Make it double!
  • Hoseok: To protect the world from devastation!
  • Yoongi: To unite all peoples within our nation!
  • Hoseok: To denounce the evils of truth and love!
  • Yoongi: To extend our reach to the stars above!
  • Hoseok: J-HOPE!
  • Yoongi: SUGA
  • Hoseok: Team Sope, blast off at the speed of light!
  • Yoongi: Surrender now, or prepare to fight!
  • Yoongi: But why did we do this?
  • Hoseok: Reason is our hair colors.

all i want in life is a divorce!miyusawa au where they fight about their kid’s custody and shit but there’s still sexual tension between them and their kid has to ask help from uncle mochi cuz dammit dads why cant u just admit you STILL and WILL ALWAYS have the hots for each other and dammit just kiss already and mochi is crying and proud because its been 495992940 years and still those two doing this shit to him

So basically miyusawa love child is all of us but their OTP is their parents

Metanoia 1

You find yourself stuck in a virtual reality only to fall in love with the main game character.

Series Warning: None other than fluff & eventual smut.

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Wordcount: 1.1k

Your life that consisted of waking up early in the morning, getting ready for college, going to college, coming back home, having the smallest amount of time to yourself before eating dinner and going back to sleep again. At least you had some friends to go out with from time to time to distract your from the repetitive life you owned.

On the day of your 18th birthday you had received a delivery to your door with your name as the recipient. It was too early in the morning to be expecting birthday gifts but you made no ordeal about it, the more the merrier. You walked into the kitchen with the box in hand laying it on top of the grey marbled kitchen counter, heading to the fridge to drink your usual Saturday juice, at least today you didn’t have to go anywhere and enjoy the comfort of your own house. 

“Good morning sweetie” your mom greeted you with a smile on her face “and happy birthdaaay!!!!!!!” before showering you with kisses and hugs.

“Oh my god Mom I’m 18 not 8! Don’t kiss me” you tried to resist her as you both giggle.  

“What’s this?” your mom asked curiously as it was her turn to head to the fridge.

“I don’t know…. Did you or dad order anything for me?” you replied honestly.

“No, we didn’t order anything hunny… if you referring to your birthday gifts we went out and bought them personally” she said, “Who is it for?” she asked as she brought out a water bottle from the fridge. 

“It’s for me” you said, “Maybe it’s from Hannah?” you asked as you attempted to rip out the worn-out tape that shut the box closed. When you unwrapped all the tape, the box revealed to what looked like a virtual reality headset along with a video game that had no cover, just plain black. Strange. You would think video games would always come with some fancy cover to attract gamers. Ironically, it had only made you more curious to play the game and see what it’s about. 

“Is this supposed to be for your brother?” your mother laughed in confusion as she peered into the box.

“Maybe?” you said before reaching the bottom of the box in attempt to find something else to indicate what or to who this box belonged to “Oh wait, I think I found something” you pulled out a white card. 

“Sorry Y/N. It was the only way” you read out the content of the card loud for your mom to hear too. 

“The only way? That doesn’t bring good thoughts” your mom said as she put the headset and the video game in the box “Take it out. I don’t want it in the house” she told you sternly before going upstairs.

“But mom! I wanna know what it is” 

“And curiosity killed the cat!” she yelled from the level above.

You sighed… What did they mean? Who sent this to you? 

“Taehyung good timing!” You yelled excitedly to your older brother who entered the kitchen grumpily 

“Why are you so loud even at early mornings” he asked bewildered at your behaviour. 

“Hey! It’s my birthday” you nudged his side.

“I know… Happy birthday you loud princess” he kissed your forehead before noticing the box in front of you. 

“What’s that?” he asked you curiously.

“I don’t know really… Someone sent it to me it’s a virtual reality game I think” you answered while munching at an apple.

“What game is it?” he asked while taking the content out the box.

“I don’t know but I really wanna find out” 

“You can use my console its upstairs, I think you can play it with a play station” he said 

“Really? Can you help me set it up” you asked.

“Only because it’s your birthday” he grinned before taking the box upstairs.

“Alright… Can you see anything?” Your brother asked you.

“Oh my god! Yes! This is amazing Taehyung!” You replied as you hold a view of a castle in your eyes, the scene in front of you was like a scene from a movie and you felt like you were it’s main character. Turning around you can see a long path connected to deep woods. 

The castle was the deepest shade of black, almost too scary to look at but it captivated you. The dark walls were whirled with remnants of nature and age, crawling up the high walls. You walked to the main gate of the castle using your brother’s console remote.

“Taehyung, I-I this is amazing, it feels so real” you speak out before you were stunned by light, it was so strong that you took a step back nearly tripping over your own foot and dropping the console. Soon after you were welcomed by the same view from before, you squatted down to look for your only navigator of the game to find nothing by your feet. You lifted your hands to remove the virtual reality headset to find nothing on your head but the strands of your own hair.

What the fuck?

You were panicking for a good 10 minutes. You convinced yourself this wasn’t real, you were definitely dreaming. You looked around to inspect your surroundings, you looked up at the sky to see the dark clouds welcoming thunder before they cracked open to pour down rain. You felt it, You felt the cold, you felt the wet drops, you felt everything. How is this real? To avoid getting more wet, your only choice was to enter that castle and face whatever was behind the walls. Your instincts kicked in, and your panic heightened as you pushed that door open.

It was empty. Dark and empty. 

“Hello?” you called out to the open, knowing this is well how people get killed in horror movies. There was only silence.

“Is anybody here?” you tried again. 

“Fuck” you grunted knowing you will have to walk further and try to understand where you are and how you can escape. You should’ve listened to your mom and kicked that box outside your house. 

“Is anybody there?!” You shouted as your tears collected in your eyes, you were all alone.

“Help! Anybody?!” You tried again.

“Is any-“ You were cut off by a hand over your mouth, instructing you to be quiet making you squirm and struggle out of his hold. 

“Be quiet! You’re going to get us all caught!” you heard the man behind you whisper into your ear, his breath tickling your skin.

Bloody Royal Fingerprints AU

Character A is a bit of a criminal, in both their eyes and the eyes of the police. They take pride in the work they do as it’s all they’ve ever known, but through a few hiccups on their part, they accidentally leave their DNA at the scene of their most recent crime. The police are thrilled to have found those few drops of blood on the ground but are stunned when forensic analysis proves that Character A is a member of the long-lost royal bloodline. 

The heir has finally been found.

Hiraeth 3

Hiraeth: (n) homesickness for a home you can’t return to, or that never was.

Jimin is a vampire who would stop at nothing to save his dying mother. What lengths would he go to if the only cure to her disease was destroying you?

Series warning: angst, emotional abuse, physical abuse, witchcraft, vampires, werewolves, fluff and eventual smut.

A/N: I’m super proud of this chapter. I hope you enjoy it!

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Words: 2.1k

All of a sudden Jimin’s claw-like nails dig into your skin breaking it into shapes of crescents, and dragging you out of Jungkook’s sight. The things you’ve added into your cart were hastily checked out and put into the car and you know his angry, if not for his curses you feel the anger radiating off of him and his red eyes.

“I told you to stay put for a fucking second! I can’t believe I even took you along” he shouted before placing his hand on the wheel and igniting the engine.

“I didn’t move Jimin” you sighed, “He just came and talked to me… If I ran away, it would’ve seemed odd I just did what anyone in a normal situation would” you didn’t know how much trouble this could get you in with him, he was already angry and talking back is probably not the best thing to do but surprisingly he didn’t reply.

“Can I ask you something?” You asked, trying to dilute the thick tension filled air, having received no reply again you chose to proceed.

“Why do your eyes go red?” You looked away from the window to look at him, yet he ignored you again as if he didn’t acknowledge you in his presence. You decided to let it go as what else could you do, after all you were a captive and not someone he owned answers to.

The ride continued in silence until you recognised the neighbourhood where the car slowly came to a stop. Although you two were the only ones you presumed to be living in the house, the things you got were many ranging from your digestive needs to clothing and towels. Jimin opened the door and headed for the house leaving you dumbfounded with all the bags you’d have to carry, he showed no intention of helping as he looked back as if to say hurry up.

“You could’ve at least offered to help me carry all these” you said as you let out a groan after dropping them on the floor and rubbing all the red assaults the bags made into your skin in attempt to soothe it.

“I’m not the one who got them” he replied coldly, “take something to eat then go to your room”. Before he walked outside the house.

How much more of a jerk can he be you thought. You opened the shopping bags and put all the groceries you could into the designated places. When you opened the fridge, it was completely empty almost as if no one has ever used it, what does he even eat you wondered as all his cupboards are empty. In all your years of education from learning the smallest and deadliest organisms to animals and their bodily functions, he was definitely not normal and frankly it didn’t scare you after what you had witnessed to Sally, you were just intrigued by him. It was only his temper that scares the life out of you.

If Jimin thought you were really going to go to your room after munching in what was a brunch for you, he was so wrong. You couldn’t help your curious nature and thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to explore the house, after all he wouldn’t know since he isn’t here. What you didn’t know is that your scent was left on each photograph of him and who you thought were his family you touched, in each door you’ve twisted open and in each room and bedding you’ve entered. After thinking that hour of exploration was enough for the day a small familiar grey metal box that laid next to Jimin’s bed caught your attention, isn’t that a hospital blood bags storage.  Your thoughts were confirmed true when you flipped the top open to reveal some ice and blood bags making you feel sick to your stomach. Why the hell did he have these? Was he stealing blood infuriating you as you remember how many patients you had who died from blood loss and not having their blood type in the blood bank of the hospital. You were never to let this go.

It was around dawn when you heard the door downstairs click, indicating that the owner had come home. You stayed in your room running different scenarios and sentences on how to discuss why he has 9 blood bags in a freezer next to his bed. You had assessed the risks of being killed for roaming around the house when he warned you not to let alone questioning him about something you saw and touched without permission. You protested your utmost desire to confront him, knowing you should know your limits but it was too late to fake seeing nothing as your door opened suddenly with a strong force making it leave an indentation and a loud sound on the wall behind it.

You were ready to make up an excuse thinking you’ve been caught, maybe he had hidden cameras you thought. But all these thoughts went away as you were faced with the blonde man in a white shirt stained in red, it was blood. You stood up and tried your best not to panic and try to help, after all this was your job.

“Get away from me” he said with gritted teeth when you reached out for his abdomen, pushing you away making you stumble backwards and nearly falling to the ground. “I told you not to wander around, didn’t I?” He shouted with red hues.

“Let me he-help, your hurt!” you tried to speak before he cut you off again, only to push you into the wall and wrapping his hands around your neck so tightly that it knocks off your air supply and lifts you up, your feet dangling mid-air causing you to panic against his hold and struggle. You tried to swat his hand away by using yours but no avail and you felt yourself slowly slipping out of consciousness before he loosens his hold on you and his eyes suddenly soften. He returns you back to the ground and got even closer to your body nuzzling his head into your neck, you can feel his breath on your neck and his lips hovering your skin closely that even the slightest movement will result in contact. Suddenly, he takes steps backward away from you looking really confused and almost angry at himself before inhumanely escaping the room.

You stumbled and leaned into the wall, phased by how close you were to death and teared at the torture he’s giving you finally letting out the breath you’ve been holding, if he’s going to kill you why couldn’t he just hurry with it? A few minutes after you walked yourself to the bed not wanting to cause any more trouble as well as needing much rest after going through a deathly experience.

The morning after, you woke up to the sound of a woman inside your bedroom demanding you to wake up. You opened your eyes and took in her appearance. She had dark long brown hair complementing her gentle brown coloured eyes and soft pink lips. Her angelic looks contradicted the strong aura she emitted.
“Rise and shine little one” she greeted, tone sarcastic. “I’m here to babysit you until Jimin comes back but I have no intention of staying in this dumb house, if you want out then you have exactly 5 minutes”. She winked and she left the room making you scramble out of the bed.

Jimin nearly lost all control yesterday, he nearly killed you and ruined all his master plans. When he came home to find your scent lingering on all his belongings, intoxicating him he knew it would be hard to ignore wanting to suck every bit of blood in your system. Facing you made it even more harder, he got even more angrier in a way he couldn’t understand. Hence, today he had decided to take a break away from you and had told his ex-girlfriend, who was also his maker, stay with you although he knew not to trust Seulgi too much. He didn’t have much of a choice.

He found himself stumble upon your home, where police tape had closed around your apartment. He compelled an officer to allow him to see the body in your room. He listened to the accusations the police concluded on the cause of death, which was homicide and you were her murderer, judging from the way you fled the scene captured by film. The wounds he saw on Sally didn’t look human, you wouldn’t have been able to do it, and judging from the way you react to his violence you look like you can never hurt a fly.

“I almost left” the girl had told you before getting into her car, “get in” she instructed.

“Sorry, I didn’t get a name” you murmured as you settled into the seat.

“Look here. It’s taking me every bit of my body fibres to not rip you apart right now so let’s skip the small talk, hm?” she gave a fake smile before igniting the engine.

Why are they all like this, you wondered? No one seems to accept your nice gestures no matter what you tried, they’re worse than your worst patients. You had arrived at a street market when the girl who is going to keep you company killed the engine.

“I can smell you really well, I have to go to find food and you’re going to stay here. If you decide to walk off anywhere else I will know and I will not hesitate to end your life” she warned. You didn’t mind because at least you can have your privacy while walking around with no money, but at least you were warm in the cold weather.

Everything was going fine when she left, you had decided to walk around the different stalls and try out things you will never be able to buy with no money. You had walked and passed by the multiple cloth sellers only for somebody to tug at your arm and turning you around to face them, you had thought that you would see an angry Jimin who seemed to love harshly pulling at you but you were dumbfounded to meet an unfamiliar face.

“Can I help you?” you hesitated.

“You! You! You reek of a curse!” the old grey haired woman shouted.

“Excuse me?” You replied confused.

“You witch! How can you be walking on earth!” she accused pulling so hard on your arm that she nearly broke your skin and you struggled to free yourself.

“Let go of me” you shouted and tossed out of her hold only to watch the woman crumble to her knees and the only noise she was making were gasps and choke noises. You were terrified, was she having a stroke? A heart attack? You tried to help her and kneeled to her level and looked for a normal pulse only to find none as the woman’s eyes rolled back and slowly, the number ‘two’ was engraved onto her skull.

There were no words to describe how terrified you felt, the scene of Sally burning and bleeding that you tried so hard to forget replayed in your mind over and over again. You fell back on your tracks and tears slipped out of your eyes. The looks people gave you as they tried to help the woman or the ones simply walking by terrified you even more, why is this happened again? You only figured again, that you had to run.

With no destination in mind, you were just running away as your tears fall. Trying to analyse what had occurred made you even more scared enabling you to gather enough energy although you had nothing to eat in order to escape.

Your run was cut short as you run into somebody’s chest. You looked up to see a familiar face.


A/N: Let me know what you guys think of this chapter and how the story is going so far and what you wanna see more of!

DNA Series Mini Masterlist

Pairing: BTS x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut, Soulmate AU!

Summary: A soul can live countless lives until it meets its soulmate and chooses to live with it for eternity. Your soul took exactly seven lives to find what it was looking for and reach out to complete your DNA.

A/N: Because the fics are going to be longer than I imagined, I made this mini masterlist to make it easier to follow. Everything in Italics is still to be posted.


Highlight Reel (Jin x Reader) - Preview - 01 - 02 - 03

Mic Drop (Yoongi x Reader) - Preview - 01 - 02 - 03

Dimple  (Hoseok x Reader) - Preview - 01 - 02 - 03

Best of Me  (Namjoon x Reader) - Preview - 01 - 02 - 03

Serendipity  (Jimin x Reader) - Preview - 01 - 02 - 03

Pied Piper  (Taehyung x Reader) - Preview - 01 - 02 - 03

Her  (Jungkook x Reader) - Preview - 01 - 02 - 03

Hiraeth 5

Hiraeth: (n) homesickness for a home you can’t return to, or that never was.

Jimin is a vampire who would stop at nothing to save his dying mother. What lengths would he go to if the only cure to her disease was destroying you?

Series warning: angst, emotional abuse, physical abuse, witchcraft, vampires, werewolves, fluff and eventual smut.

A/N: I want your feedbacccck! I don’t know whether to keep this series as planned or just cut it short! Brace yourself for some feels in this chapter!!

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Prologue|Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|Part 4|

Words: 1.6k

Your lips were inches apart before the front door rings. Jimin had stayed still for a moment, his eyes searching for yours after they departed from the view of your lips. A few more moments passed before he pushed himself away from you, his hand clutching onto his injuries heading to the intruder.

You were fazed by the moment that had captured every neuron in your body that you weren’t able to see the figure who stood in front of Jimin when he opened the door. You were going to take steps closer to him before Jimin turned around and told you to go upstairs and sleep. You had thought of protesting against it if you had not remembered the events that took place the last time you tried to defy him, the look in his face as his gaze covered you reminded you of the abductor he is. Nothing will change that.

The next morning, you woke up feeling better than you usually did in the space you were confined in. Strange given you had tried to take your life away the night just before. As you remember the event, your eyes travelled to the bandage that covered your wound, feeling no pain there you were even more surprised when you removed the bandage and not a single fibre of protein existed to heal away the cut on your skin, there was no blood and not even a bruise. Your skin had never looked better and that was not human given the fact that less than 12 hours had even passed.

You kicked the sheets away before standing up to get ready for the day, you prepared yourself mentally for the conversation you wanted to have with Jimin about everything. Why his eyes are red sometimes, why is he so strong, why the hell are you perfectly fine when you were more than sure that you had cut your wrist open and the last sight you had was of him, why he had taken you and why he wants to kill you.

You carefully took the steps to the kitchen downstairs, wanting to gulp in some water and perhaps some food to give you the slightest amount of courage to encounter the blonde from your moment the night before. You entered the white marbled floor and headed to the fridge, realizing that you were the only person actually eating in this house as its always in the state you leave it in, nothing is removed and nothing is added. You had decided to make a breakfast for both of you, you had thought maybe he doesn’t eat because he doesn’t know how to cook, or would rather just dine outside to avoid making a mess out of this place. Or maybe he’s just a weirdo who’s super strong and handsome with a really bad temper.

You decided to make some omelette, you weren’t the brightest cook but you’d always try. You added some bacon and sausage on the side just in case he wasn’t a fan of the eggs. You had been interrupted whilst trying to lay out the plates on the table. This time it wasn’t just Jimin but a lady behind him too, you would have mistaken her for Seulgi if she hadn’t looked a bit older, or if she hadn’t looked so unwell.

They were both looking at you strangely, Jimin gave you a questioning look as to why you had cooked so much food and the foreign woman questioning your entire existence before her features softened and she stepped into the kitchen further.

“And who might you be?” She asked as she took a seat in front of the plate you laid down.
“Oh, I’m Y/N” You replied quickly before wiping your wet hands down your clothes and extending it to offer a greeting. One that she had accepted with a smile bigger than the first, something about her looked familiar to you, something you couldn’t quite pick out.

“I see you made some breakfast, is it alright that I join you?”

You hesitated before replying, “Of course you can! I have made a lot of food that I am sure will be enough for all three of us” you laughed nervously before getting out another plate for Jimin.

“Save it, I don’t eat” he replied coldly.

You gave him a confused look before insisting, “No really, I made a lot and you don’t seem to be eating lately”.

“Listen to her Jiminie” the older woman says, “Come have some food”.

“No really mother, I’m alright” he gave her a smile, “I’ll be upstairs if you need me, make sure you eat a lot alright?”


You looked at her again, no wonder she had looked so familiar. Her fair skin and rose stained round cheeks had looked exactly like his, she was slender and almost beautiful if you had not seen the sick in her, a skill you had as a doctor to see in patients.

“I’m sorry” she spoke softly before looking at you,

“About what?” you replied too quickly for your liking,

“About his attitude” she sighed before looking down at the plate and moving the fork to grab a bite.

“You have nothing to apologise for” you replied, mimicking her sweet voice.

“I just sometimes, I don’t know if it’s my fault that he acts like this. I can’t say that I don’t understand him”

“What do you mean?” you questioned,

“I don’t know if it’s because I had got sick, it all started 3 years ago. One night after I was diagnosed he left and hadn’t return until very late, he just came so different.” She looked so upset, concerned and almost guilty.

“He was such a sweet boy… He still is to me but I can just tell he has changed” she laughed weekly before looking up at you.

“Who are you to him” she looked at you curiously, you would have replied if you knew the answer to the question which you were also curious about. “He doesn’t normally keep girls home”

“To be honest… I don’t know” you said,

“Is it what you youngsters say… Complicated?” she laughed making you laugh too while nodding.

“I… I’m just here… temporarily” You said honestly, “I don’t know Jimin really well” You had looked to meet her eyes.

“I thought you might have been a friend of his” she confessed, “You’re just so easy to talk to, I revealed my life story to you in the span of what? Like 3 minutes” She laughed

“I can tell you mine, if that will give you some comfort… You know so that we’re not just complete strangers” You smiled.

“That would be nice” she said in a sweet voice, “What do you do” She asked as you swallow the last piece of sausage you had.

“I’m 23… I’m a junior doctor so I spend most of my time working, If I’m not then I’ll probably be studying” you said before noticing you actually had nothing to talk about yourself.

“That’s amazing” she looked at you astonished, “You parents must be so proud” she smiled.


You don’t remember yours… You just know that they’ve abandoned you.

She might have picked up on your discomfort as she started speaking, “Do you wanna talk about it?” she offered.

“I don’t think I have much to speak about” you replied honestly, “They’ve abandoned me before I can remember” you smiled, almost sadly to yourself swallowing the omelette and the bitter aftertaste of the truth.

“Oh I am so sorry” she tried to comfort you,

“Don’t worry, I really can’t remember” you said “I just hope they had a good reason”.

The conversation continued as you were eating your breakfast, it had diverged from what your hobbies were to what food you like to eat to making plans that were interrupted by Jimin walking inside and instructing you to go upstairs after you clean the plates.

When you had finished your chores and walked upstairs, you had realised you hadn’t even asked Jimin’s mother for her name and laughed at how well you know her without even knowing her name.

You spent the entire afternoon in your room, mostly daydreaming until Jimin had came in and told you he was going to be gone for the entire night as he had work to do. You nodded in understanding and continued to find something to do like washing your clothes before a few more hours had passed.

The house was so silent as expected as no one was home. The silence was broken as you took steps downstairs in search for some water and snacks. You had walked into the kitchen and opened the cupboard before feeling like you were being watched. You decided to ignore the feeling as the house system would go off if anybody had tried to break in, you weren’t able to react to a shuffling noise behind you before hands wrapped around your neck and a strangely crafted knife in the possession of familiar hand bringing the blade closer to your neck. You knew you couldn’t do anything about it and was expecting the sharp pain, the only thing you could do was to call for Jimin and for tears to escape your eyes as you try to savour life for what it is.