dna 11

a sad anniversary

It’s been exactly one year since Chris Carter left us with the most savage X-Files cliffhanger of all time. You know, the one where everyone is dying except for the ones with alien dna (???) and Mulder and Scully are estranged (????) and stranded on a bridge and a UFO comes and they have a child together but they don’t know where it is and we never know if the show is coming back? 



First day of November!  Los Angeles is currently experiencing my favorite weather, gloomy and cold but not raining.  For me, this is the best time to study outdoors because the sun isn’t beating down on me AND I get to dress cozy in a sweater, leggings, and ankle boots.

Music: O Sole Mio(오솔레미오) - SF9


JEFF MILLS very rare live never seen before @ Liquid Room 1995 

Recorded by Sony for Japanese TV in 1995

[00] Portion Reform - Shift Worker [Downwards - LINO 9]
[02] Deep Forest - Marta’s Song (Armand Muslim Moose Mix)
[06] Jeff Mills - Casa [Axis - AX-11]
[07] Jeff Mills - Outsiders [Purpose Maker - PM-001]
[07] Jeff Mills - In The Bush [Axis - AX-11]
[08] Morgan - Flowerchild [Geometric - Geo003]
[09] Joey Beltram - Floaters [Tresor - 34]
[11] Jeff Mills - The Extremist (Retro Mix) [Tresor - 23]
[12] Jeff Mills - DNA [Tresor - 11]
[14] Timeblind - Godseed [Communique - 013]
[16] Jeff Mills - Changes Of Life [Tresor - 11]
[18] Jeff Mills - I9 [Axis - AX-15]
[20] Jeff Mills - Veillées D'Armes (The Trouble We’ve Seen)
[21] Lionrock - Packet Of Peace (Jeff Mills West Side Detroit Mix) [Deconstruction]
[24] Speaker - Speaker (High Mix) [Torema Records ‎– TRMJPN013]
[25] ?
[27] DJ Hell - Hot In The Heels Of Love (Dave Clarke Remix) [Disko B ‎– db 26]
[29] ?
[30] Jeff Mills - Confidentials 1-4 (B1) [Axis - AX-09]
[33] Dynamic Structure II - Syncrometric [Re-load - REL 952111]
[34] ?

Miyuki's gentle 'kora kora'

Remember how I told you guys to listen to this part of DnA ep. 11, just before the flower speech, to hear Miyuki’s voice full of endearment towards Eijun?


your speakers will not do it any justice, i s2g

Song game

You need:

2 dice

You have to roll the dice and check your song with this list:

2 Fire - TAEYEON

3 stay alive - Andy Black

4 Heroes - All Time Low

5 nightcore monster (Dotexe remix)

6 Walls could talk - Halsey

7 When I come around - Green Day

8 She looks so perfect - 5SOS

9 blue - BIGBANG

10 HER - Block B

11 DNA - BTS

12 Work this body - WALK THE MOON

i want him [listen on 8tracks]

1. no diggity (bondax edit) - blackstreet 2. chocolate - dwntwn (the 1925 cover) 3. revolver - madonna  4. sweet talk - kito and reija lee 5. lucky suit and tie - daft punk vs justin timberlake   6. scream - usher   7. crave you - flight facilites (adventure club dubstep remix)   8. your body - christina aguilera  9. perfection - oh land 10. dna - little mix 11. ((secret track ))

Samaritan’s plans

Samaritan has a lot of balls up in the air, and it’s hard to keep track, I’m writing this to try and keep track all the dastardly things Samaritan has up its sleeve. (If I miss anything please message me so I can include it here!) 


Recruiting hackers via elaborate games like ‘Nautilus’. 

Harold: The game started with a post on an obscure message board. “If you seek enlightenment, be the first to walk through the chambers." 

John: What’s the spiral shell? 

Harold: Chambered nautilus. Claire realized there was data hidden in the image and managed to extract it– Instructions to hack an encrypted network and steal a particular file. Whatever’s on it is required to win the game. 

John: Setting a pretty high bar. 

Harold: Indeed, and this isn’t the game’s first iteration. There have been at least 2 others, 27 days apart, in cities as far-flung as Tokyo and Paris. 

People are either used directly or become patsies until their usefulness is at an end, and they get killed off like Yasin Said’s group in Control Alt Delete.

Yasin: Look… two months ago, I won this competition, the Nautilus. 

Control: What the hell is that? 

Yasin: An elaborate contest. Data security, steganography, cryptography. The next day, I got a text message, offering jobs to me and my friends from school. The four of us crowded into one of those office park start-ups. Big paycheck, stock options. We thought it was the next Google. 

Control: What was on your laptop, Yasin? 

Yasin: I don’t know, but it’s not uncommon for coders to be kept in the dark. That’s how stealth companies work. 

Control: That’s how terror cells work. 

Yasin: This was a bioinformatics company creating climate change models. We’d write a piece of code, and we’d pass it on to someone else. Two days ago, we sent the last piece, ten hours later, everyone was dead.

Not only does Samaritan recruit talented developers, but it killed off people who worked on climate change models. 

Recruiting ordinary people, people with ‘potential’ who aren’t doing anything to fulfill their potential. People who are more easily persuaded to their cause like Jeff Blackwell in SNAFU

Jeff: So you know, I have a record, but… 

Mona: Yes, we have that information. That’s not an issue. The position’s yours if you want it. And you do. 

Jeff: Well, it’s got to be better than painting houses. Every other agency… they have an application to fill out. A personality test. 

Mona: No need. You have so much potential. No one sees what a resource you are, do they? But we do. You need a purpose. More specifically, you need a job.

(Samaritan cribbing Harold’s recruitment speech, talk about copycat.)


In Prophets Samaritan rigged the elections to go in their favor. 

Greer: Isn’t he marvelous? Confident face, an air of compassion and strength. But no guts or backbone, so eager to please. 

Martine: How many do we have like him? 58 across the country and all over the government.  

And in the aftermath of the Flash Crash in Control Alt Delete, Samaritan is trying to maneuver its way to meet the President via the Chief of Staff. 

In Asylum and 4x22 it orchestrated the Correction: 

Greer: Most of humanity is docile. Pliant. It’s only over a few hundred people who create all of the problems. Samaritan has identified them. Greer: The disruptors. The outliers who have problems with authority. And then there’s the disloyal. The grit in the gears. Thank you for leading us directly to them. We couldn’t have done it without you… Control. 

Greer: Men have gazed at the stars for millennia and wondered whether there was a deity up there, silently directing their fates. Today, for the first time, they’ll be right. And the world will be an undeniably better place. Pity you won’t be there to see it. 

Control: But the attack. 

Greer: This was a test of loyalty. Of which, I’m sorry to say, you failed. In Samaritan’s view, there is no room for outliers. Which means there is no room for you. But don’t worry. You’ll be taken to a place where you belong.

In Synecdoche Samaritan deemed the President of the United States irrelevant and didn’t warn the ISA, it allowed the assassination to take place. 

Team Machine stopping the assassination could work both ways for Samaritan, it could work for them to increase security. 

Medical / Public Health

In Honor Among Thieves  it executed an elaborate shell game about the Marburg Virus. It hired Tomas and his crew to steal the virus, then paid his partners to kill him, then hired Marko Jevtic to steal the virus from Tomas’s crew and start a pandemic in New York. 

And, as the third step Samaritan assigned the ISA to kill everyone involved (and possibly infect themselves in the process) and destroy the vials, this order changed to eliminating everyone to securing MAR-V and giving the vials to Samaritan operatives.

Samaritan had almost all avenues covered except Samaritan didn’t account for interference from Team Machine, and Shaw’s personal connection to Grice. 

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