“You’ve finally made it here, huh?” Kazuya smiled.

“Yes!! And just in time too!!” Sawamura’s voice carried over the stadium.


“Happy Birthday Miyuki Kazuya, please accept this Sawamura Eijun as your present!!”

Kazuya just couldn’t stop laughing, Sawamura never failed to brighten his day.


LOL! Miyuki’s expectations for Sawamura, as always, are higher than Sawamura will ever know… You’ll notice he didn’t contradict Kuramochi when he spoke about Sawamura improving. And he has complete confidence that he’ll be able to get Sawamura to switch gears…As expected of Miyuki!

shooting stars around your heart

inspired by this incredible art by @mypabulousscarf
also, happy birthday sneaky tanuki!!

“Have you seen my tie?”

Hiding a helpless quirk to his lips, Kazuya turned away from the mop of messed up brown hair in which he was clenching his hands only moments ago. His skin still tingled with the softness of those locks, an imprint of a touch on the pads of his fingers. Just coming back to the memory of it made Kazuya’s neck heat up with a flush and he lifted his hand to rub at his nape.

“How do you always lose it?”

A moment later his tie was thrown at his head with a huff.

Kazuya smirked. “It’s not my fault you keep taking it off of me every single time. Any tie fetish you’re hiding from me, Sawamura?”

Sawamura’s freckled cheeks were dusted with a faint blush when he looked up and Kazuya would be damned if he ever admitted that his heart swell in his chest at the sight.

“Do you want me to strangle you with it instead?” Sawamura asked, scowling at him despite his red face. “Because I sure as hell can do that, just say the word.”

Kazuya snorted, but let it go. He slipped the tie around his neck, setting to knot it as neatly as he always did. Except this time it wasn’t quite working. Suddenly left to do it without a mirror and upside down, Kazuya found himself struggling. He fumbled once, undid it and tried again.

It was crooked and ugly, and he grimaced.

“Oh, give it here,” Sawamura interrupted Kazuya’s third attempt. “I’ll tie it for you.”

Surprised, but pleasantly, Kazuya let go of the loose ends and stepped up to where Sawamura was sitting perched on one of the desks. With a widening grin, Kazuya rested his hands on Sawamura’s thighs and watched the slender pitcher fingers work on the thin, blue material of their uniform tie, bounding it into a neat knot.

“Mm, who knew you’re so good at it,” Kazuya hummed in appreciation.

“That’s rude, Miyuki Kazuya.” Sawamura’s lips pressed together in a pout. “Every proper student knows how to tie a tie.”

“Right, right,” Kazuya agreed, chuckling. “I wouldn’t mind letting you do it for me every morning, though. And then maybe kissing you goodbye before I go off to work and hearing a sweet ‘have a nice day’ while you stand in the door in an apron seeing me off.”

He was looking right into Sawamura’s face, watching how his cheeks reddened, a deep shade of crimson, so beautiful in the glow of the setting sun coming from the window of the classroom. Kazuya felt his throat tighten just a little bit, surprised that he actually meant the words that had just left his mouth. Before he knew it, he was raising his hands to Sawamura’s neck and pushing Sawamura’s face up with his thumbs. Gently, tenderly.

Gold eyes, shaded by dark eyelashes, stole his breath away for a moment and Kazuya lost all the smooth words he had prepared. It left him bare and open to that glowing gaze, which he didn’t necessarily mind. Kazuya felt his own cheeks heat up. Sawamura’s eyes brightened at that and he was surely about to say something, probably tease Kazuya back, but before he could, before Kazuya allowed himself to succumb to embarrassment, he leaned forward and pressed their lips together.

The kiss was short, just a few brushes, a few soft touches and breaths, but it was enough to make Kazuya’s heart beat faster. They parted slowly, Kazuya’s hands resting on the sides of Sawamura’s neck once more, while Sawamura’s fingers still held onto Kazuya’s tie.

The sweet moment didn’t last long, because then Sawamura opened his mouth and–

“If you want an apron, you’re gonna have to wear it yourself, senpai,” Sawamura said and Kazuya snorted. And then again, and once more until he couldn’t fight back the wide grin from overtaking his entire face.

“My, I guess I will,” he replied cheerfully, stealing another kiss just as Sawamura’s eyes widened in shock.

Smirking into the kiss, Kazuya thought that this concept might, indeed, deserve a closer look. A much closer look.