The signs as iconic exo moments in 2017

Aries: Luhan wishing Tao on his birthday
Taurus: Jongins complicated dance thing in Power
Gemini: Six by Kris Wu
Cancer: where is Baekhyuns dog
Leo: Tao running around with a taohun sticker on his suitcase
Virgo: Baekhyun exposing exo
Libra: Jongdae talking about Yixing after trying to repress xingdae for two years
Scorpio: Lay and Luhan becoming besties
Sagittarius: Xiumin as Suhos bffl
Capricorn: Lay naming his second album Sheep
Aquarius: Kyungsoo in the power MV
Pisces: Ka-Ching by exo-cbx