> [Tao] “Down here, everyone is equal. No one gets special treatment because of who they are, nor is any soul exempt from coming here. In short, this is every living being’s final resting place. It’s important that this place is kept firmly separated from the living, otherwise nature’s balance would be all out of whack and who knows what could happen? That’s why my entire purpose is to ensure things stay exactly as they should, just as my master has asked of me!”
> A pair of passing seraphs turn to give Tao strange looks.
> [Suho] “You sure do talk a lot… Don’t have many friends to socialize with, I’m guessing?”
> [Tao] “S-Silence! My master is the only company I need! Besides, it doesn’t hurt to remind people about the rules of this realm!”
> [Chen] “Well… don’t you ever get tired or lonely, Tao?”
> [Tao] “Of course not! Anything my master orders is my duty to see through until he is satisfied! He is the one who gave me purpose, so it’s reward enough that I am able to be blessed with his presence whenever he so chooses.”
> [Suho] “Hm. Interesting.”
> [Tao] “Wha-What’s with that look!!”

170630 Tao talking about Luhan 

translation of some of the parts:

1. 0:10
Tao: Lu-ge, are you watching me? I know you miss me a lot.
2. 0:29
MC: Beside talking about music, what do both of you usually talk about?
Tao: We will talk about our personal things. 
3. 0:43 
MC: Who usually pays the bill when both of you are out for dinner?
Tao: We don’t care about this. Sometimes he does, sometimes I do.
4. 1:34 
MC: Luhan is endorsing for King of Glory this year. If you and Luhan go against each other in the game, who do you think will play better?
Tao: When the game first released, I played few rounds with him and he killed me. Even so, since I’m a regular user of the game, if he wants to beat me, *inserts Tao shaking his head*
MC: Will you purposely lose to him?
Tao: Of course I would do that! Lu-ge is my brother, how can I not lose to him on purpose? Once the game starts, I would go ‘eh? what is this? I died!’ *inserts Tao’s laughter*
MC: Luhan may be thinking ‘You’re not on my level yet’
Tao: Yes, he probably think like this *inserts Tao’s laughter again* Okay, we are just joking, Lu-ge.

  • looks like they could kill you, actually a cinnamon roll: chanyeol, sehun, tao
  • looks like a cinnamon roll, could actually kill you: chen, kai, xiumin
  • looks like a cinnamon roll, is a cinnamon roll: baekhyun, yixing, luhan
  • looks like they could kill you, could actually kill you: kyungsoo, kris
  • could kill you by feeding you too many cinnamon rolls: suho
  • A Job you like most?
  • um…doing interview with alpaca


170502 Luhan Weibo Update:
Wishing @SwaggyT-ao a Happy Birthday! Wishing the concert a great success! Awesome, haha

170502 Tao’s comment on Luhan’s Weibo: My Lu-ge ah, I love you. Successful ratings for Fighter of the Destiny, mwah. Let’s Jiayou! Work hard!