And I must say the fanchant is simply awesome

sorry for the pda i need to make a gross friend appreciation post

@cascifers you’re one of my closest friends and being able to meet you was one of the greatest experiences of my life. i know im emotional and probably sometimes really hard to deal with, but youve stuck by me so far and its made me a lot happier than i would be if you werent in my life. what we’ve made together makes me happy, but our friendship means a lot more than that to me. youre attractive, funny, and you need to stop being so hard on yourself. i wish i knew how to effectively help your more negative moods, but until i figure it out, ill be sticking right by you. I love you.

@sketchfirstthendray youve done so much for me and i dont even know if you realize it. from being around to text to being on call with me as i fall asleep to ward away paranoia to giving me gift art doodles for no real reason, youve never failed to make me smile in some way, shape, or form. youre beautiful and god i wish youd send me more selfies, you’re drop dead gorgeous. your girlfriend is extremely lucky and im sure she knows it, sin twin. i hope you continue to stay in my life and you keep bugging me at early hours in the morning. its also really refreshing to speak to someone that wont judge any kink ever lmao– I love you.

@katamaridamaci ren, we’ve known each other for a long time now and i’m so glad we’ve kept in touch. your stories and your characters are wonderful, and as your style changes little by little, i love seeing you grow. you make me laugh nonstop and your shitposts never get old. your ocs hold a special place in my heart. meeting you was awkward at first, but that was just because i was so nervous. i loved exploring a convention with you while wearing a kigurumi, and the fact that you actually went to my birthday party despite living so far away dumbfounds me. youre adorable with vi, and i wish you two the best. i love you. 

@coloredkittykat999 seeing your art improve so quickly is motivational, you have no idea. we havent known each other super duper personally for so long, but getting to know you and your characters better has given me a better understanding of you and ive never been so inspired to be a friend of yours! the things you make are so full of detail, and your ocs are really likable. the times we’ve called before have also been really fun, and i can say for a fact that you’re very attractive! i hope we can talk more, for how long we’ve known each other, you mean a lot to me. i love you.

@ghostcups ghost oh my gooooooood. i wish we could’ve met while you still lived closer, having you move so far away broke my heart. much like kitty, your art has improved drastically over a short period of time and i’m amazed by it! i get really upset when i see youre upset, i know what its like to feel like that at your age and i wish i could take those feelings away from you. youre an amazing person with a wonderful heart and the motivation to keep making wonderful pieces of art. keep creating, i support you 500%. i love you. 

@busheti hikaru, you’re the closest person i am to in real life despite us only speaking to each other fairly frequently for less than a year. god, youre the only shit that t o l e r a t e s me. youve provided me comfort and support that i cant give myself, and im forever in your debt. youre talented as hell and it makes me really salty, but i keep wanting to support you actively anyway because your will to draw inspires me. youre extremely handsome and i wish you had more confidence in that. thank you for being there for me, in class, and still now. i love you. 

@articulatecreator jay my god. you’re talented, gorgeous, your voice is heavenly, and your talent makes me super envious. despite all of that, instead of just being bitter and trying to avoid you, it’s attracted me to you and im honored to be someone you consider a friend. youre wonderful and emotional like me and im so happy i can connect with someone on so many things, even choir. i love your concepts, your aesthetics, your art, your voice, aaaaagh. i wish i could meet you, dork. thank you for being here for me and getting closer and closer to me. i love you. 

@sinful-rainbros sym you mean too much to me for me to forget you. meeting you was a brief thing, but i regret none of it and it was so much fun. youre such a nerd about a few things and its adorable tbh, like how you care about your books so much or how you worry about your horse. i wish i couldve spent more time with you, thanks for the brownies. we’re also similarly bitter in the same ways, like we’re somehow related or connected or some shit. connected at the mind. also youre gorgeous and you cant say otherwise fuck you. i love you. 

i love all of my other friends too, if i didnt write you something here, it doesnt mean i care about you any less. this has just all been on my mind and i wanted to share it. its like,,,,,,, 4 am.

It’s time for the Jedi to end.

Return of the trashcan.

I’m back and late as usual. Please do not repost without permission.