i just watched the last episode of weightlifting fairy and i am so emotional . it was SUCH a good ending and i am so happy with the final episode and how they left it, but i really really wish it wasn’t.. the end. that series is so amazing and so important in so many ways. i will forever love kim bok joo & jung joon hyung. i also hope that lee sung kyung & nam joo hyuk are so happy with how well they did in this series, even despite the fact it might’ve not done as well as other dramas, because it was the most pure and sincere in the feelings and issues it touched on and it did this in the best way. i am both happy and sad at the same time now. i’m going to miss this drama a lot :(


**Hails to the Fallen**

Hellsukkubus (also known as LSK and born Marianne Sejourne) was a lesser known and an extremely underrated musician in the French Black Metal scene. She played bass with a number of significant French acts including Antaeus, Hell Militia, Vorkreist, Bran Barr as well as Industrial/Black Metal band Neo Inferno 262. Not only was she a hard worker but proved to any non believers girls can shred with the best of the men. LSK passed October 24 in 2013. Hails and R.I.P.