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Light! (For the headcannon meme)

Sure thing Abbo, have some hcs about Lighto and the Yagami family!

Light Yagami HCs:

1. He briefly considered getting involved in swimming rather than tennis. He chose tennis because he likes the mental challenge of reading his opponent. Light also appreciates the one-on-one sort of competition.

2. Before Light learned how, Sachiko often enjoyed reading folkloric stories to him. Light’s favorite was The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter

3. Light was very quiet as an infant but extremely energetic and inquisitive as a child. 

4. Initially he was disappointed to have a younger sibling, but Light soon became increasingly protective of her. He would often ask Sachiko if he could help with feeding or bathing baby Sayu. As adolescents, he consoled her when Soichiro and Sachiko had a quarrel.

5. Light shows affection to Sayu by ruffling her hair. He shows affection to Sachiko by cooking with her. He shows affection to Soichiro by being the ideal ‘man of the house’ in his absence.

6. Light never got in trouble at school. However, he did fantasize quite often about skipping class in his later teen years.

7. Light started to ask Soichiro about work and criminal cases once he was old enough to understand that his father’s job was dangerous. He didn’t like to see Sachiko or Sayu worried.

8. Light didn’t have much of an aptitude for artistic pursuits. He could replicate or echo a certain style, but was unable to construct one of his own.

9. As a child, Light mostly got in trouble just for his curiosity leading him out of sight or somewhere dangerous. Light was frequently caught being in places he shouldn’t have been around.

10. His room was never very messy when he was a child; Light liked that all of his possessions had their own place to occupy. 

lmao well, you’ve put far more thought into this than I have or will, but wow, what a  bad ship. 

First of all, Light is super asexual. I mean, I know people can interpret his rejection of Misa’s advances as him being gay but no, I think he cares a lot more about power and control than he’ll EVER care about sex or relationships. And even if he was gay, L would not be the one he’d focus his energies on. L is outsmarting him at every turn and Light’s supposed to fall in love with him? Not this kid. Light HATES L. Which works out just fine since the feeling is mutual. 

Now, I know it’s hard to separate L’s lies from his real feelings–I nearly made that mistake during my first viewing myself–but he does not consider himself Light’s friend. His only goal is to put Light in jail, and he goes so far as to put the guy in solitary confinement for what, 50 days? To wring a confession out of him? That doesn’t sound like the sort of thing you’d do to someone you considered a potential lover. L is convinced of Light’s guilt, and he sees himself as superior to Light because of that. The only thing that he needs is to work out the solution to the cat-and-mouse game so he can prove Light’s guilt. Was the solution to that to lie and say he considered Light a friend? It sure didn’t turn out that way. But even L can miscalculate and make mistakes.

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