Phil and Dan in the Ghibli world.
It was fun to draw this, I need more practice (background), but im so-so satisfied with it. It’s been 1000 years since i drew something like this.. :D Sooo GJ Orsi.. GJ! :D
My favourite part on this are the Omus. :D (bug things on the right, i freakin’ love them, they’re so cute when they have blue eyes)  Dan is trying to chase away the little one with Calficer, but mini totoro wants to stop him, before the bigger Omu does something really bad. :D

This took me 3 days to finish. ( i dont know why o_O) Im soo lazy and i have to study for my exams.. Please send me some motivation.. :D Okay im out.. :D 

‘how long are you going to run away?’

‘as long as it takes.’

‘keep running! i like the chase!’


Here is a kind of “master post” with the full Silmarillion Comic’s first chapter : Ainulindalë ! Again, thanks to all of you guys for the support, I’ll soon be working on how to continue this comic project, and to start next chapter !! :D

My main art blog : Sora Niizu !

Punk Sona 

And happy Halloween :D

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I don’t think I’ll ever finish this, but I recently started replaying Fates on Lunatic mode on all three routes for kicks and giggles (and tears and blood for dying on Conquest)~ 8′D

My three avatars for each route with the exact same name~ If anyone visits my castle and sees different MUs, sorry about that. *not sure how mycastle works anymore* And thank you for all the head towels everyone is leaving me! ;__; I really appreciate it~


Nightmare Fury, not so toothless :D

My own approach to Night Fury  ;-) I prefer my dragons with a pinch of salt rather than bowl of sugar! New movie is out, Toothless still reminds me more of a kitten than dragon, so why not put my own twist on it? :D
I decided to go with reflective, white eyes instead of regular greens. Somewhat looks better pupil-less ;P Generally had lots of ideas for this one, changing my  mind back and forth… but all in all - I really like how it turned out! :D

This is probably not my last take on HTTYD characters. Already sharpening my fangs for my favourite Monstrous Nightmare and Cloudjumper ;)

Click here for full video progress.


I need a bigger box! :D

My collection grew once again after my trip to London, so I decided to make a new post all-together (the other post). ;3 And this time I have HD pics! <3

My current gems (2015): Malachite, jasper, tiger eye, aveturine, rhodonite, nephrite, amethyst, clear/ice quartz, bismuth, bornite/peacock ore, citrine, opalite glass.

New additions (April 2016): Another bornite and a labradorite! ;)

New additions (May 2016): A pink and a black tourmaline! :D

The stones are from London (Camden Town), Nijmegen, Stockholm, Antwerpen or Han-Sur-Lesse. They all cost between 3-10€.