Madison Square Garden, NYC - June 24, 1987 - Strange Behaviour Tour

My friends and I were waiting at the stage entrance. It was about 15 minutes until Duran took the stage. A limo pulled up. Simon got out of the front seat. Nick got out of the back. Simon walked up to the guard at the entrance. The guard wouldn’t let them in. The guard didn’t believe they were Duran Duran. They didn’t have their tour passes!

In the last photo, you can see Nick pointing at me and my friends…he said something like “Do you think these girls would be asking for our autographs if we weren’t Duran Duran?”

A few minutes later, after a few radio calls to the tour manager, the confused guards let Simon and Nick into the venue. 

As soon as they got in, my friends and I ran into The Garden and ran to our seats just moments before Duran came out on stage. 

A 15-year-old me with Roger Taylor, in Philadelphia 1985. Duran were in town for Live Aid and they got here a few days early to rehearse together at a studio before the big event…this was the first time they had played together after the Power Station / Arcadia split. Live Aid was the first time that I had met the Duran boys, but it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

John & I - in front of his house in London, Winter 1990. My roommate and I had just caught him coming home. We also went ‘round to Simon’s house the same night, and saw Simon, but didn’t get any photos.
I was in college, doing a semester abroad in Cheltenham, England when this photo was taken - my roommate and I went to London for the weekends quite often.

Backstage with Duran Duran on the Dilate Your Mind Tour at the Mann Music Center - Friday, July 23, 1993. The only time I’ve ever had an actual backstage pass at a Duran concert. I still can’t remember how or why I ended up backstage at this show, and I don’t have the actual pass from that night. I also have no idea who the other girl in the picture is. Unfortunately, the only copy of this picture I have is a Polaroid, so the quality is crap.



December 1990: I know that you can’t see his face, but this is Simon LeBon, leaving a studio in London where Duran were recording. He came out of the studio wearing full leathers and wearing his helmet (the visor was up at one point, but I was too excited to take pictures).

I wish I was into motorcycle back then…it took me another 18 years before I started riding. The motorcycle is a Yahama TDM 850.