dmv shit

Shit DMV Niggas Say
  • Bruh/Fam (Friend)
  • On Who? (On who’s life do you swear that your point is valid?)
  • Random body part ending with “ass” (ex: Headass, Chinass, etc.)
  • I’m boutta cut you up (I’m about to launch a barrage of insults at you)
  • BOYYY!! ( an exclamatory used before one commences the act of cutting you up)
  • Whole T (Short for “Whole Time” indicates that one is about to present an opposing argument)
  • You on your head (You’re acting unusual, as if you’re intoxicated)
  • Boof (verb- to stink. Ex: “Somebody in this party boof”)
  • Scoop (To give a ride to. Ex: “Bruh, you tryna scoop a nigga from the station. I got gas money)
  • Slum (to be inadequate. Ex: "That nigga Wiz new shit slum, old Wiz was better)

Im so tired of trying to be good and staying positive and working hard in the hopes things will get better only to have life continuously beat me up