dmv shit

“I don’t think you understand how bad I…” He stopped, toying with his hair. Bakura couldn’t look at Marik’s jewel-bright eyes. Desire burned through him and he wanted nothing more than to let Marik’s hands and mouth reduce him to ash.

Marik leaned closer, blonde hair falling across his face. “How bad you what? Finish it,” he purred, his lips hovering over Bakura’s.

Long pale fingers threaded under his golden hair, cupping the back of his neck like a lifeline, though Bakura feared it meant his destruction, all his carefully constructed defenses to be lost to the fire. “How bad I want you,” he breathed as he tugged Marik to him, their lips crushing together, heat flooding his body.

Am I the only one who keeps wondering if maybe the LV shooting will actually result in change because - going off what I know of people who love Country music - odds are the majority of the victims are cis, straight, Christian white people in a swing state? It’s not Pulse, a gay night club. It’s not Sandy Hook, with the victims non-voting kids in a blue state. 

People died that Republicans actually give a shit about. 

(again: I’m assuming, based both on the photographs I’ve seen and by the “standard” demographic for listening to country music…like I’ve yet to see a single picture that wasn’t dominated by young white people…)

That might count for something, right?