dmv love


Some of my black and white out takes from the DC Public Schools Walk Out Protest at Trump International Hotel on November 15th, 2016.

I pulled up to the DMV to find your car, old and shedding its window tinting, beside me. I scoffed at the coincidence and assumed it was another’s, but I spoke too soon. Your indifferent glare found me inside. I took my ticket and swore under my breath as we refused to look at one another. You asked if I too was there to renew a license. I replied, saying I wish I could renew my life. Now I drive away when I see your car in the parking lot.



Calvo Music mashes up two dope classic songs into an awesome retro feeling Baltimore Club track!

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Pad and Pen - Odd Mojo, another dope song y'all need to check out she from the dmv and I’m loving what she’s doing with her music she even put some wu tang y'all 👐

I’ll be the first man to admit, that fat ass caught my attention, but never made me faithful, A pretty face got me to commit, but never changed me, it was that funny girl with that beautiful personality, million dollar smile and a heart of gold that left me in tears begging for a second chance, I never viewed woman the same after her, she left my heart convinced that love is more about chemistry than biology.