dmt extract

anonymous asked:

My yum-yum juice supply is running low due to a shortage of rabbit-liver DMT extract, so I’ll have to make this quick before I zipline down to Chyna in time for the New Year celebration. You have wronged me. Don’t bother begging for forgiveness; my capacity for mercy dried up seconds after you 960° Schrodinger scoped me, giving me my first and last in-game death ever. But I’ve finally cornered you thanks to my paper spy-monitors. So, without further ado, allow me to teleport you to my locale.

From left to right:

- vial of primarily N,N-DMT with what I assume to be trace amounts of DMT-N-oxide present

- About a 50/50 mix of slightly yellowish N,N-DMT crystals with the oxide.

- A dark yellow, waxy, slightly oily substance from the 4th-5th naptha pulls (still smells very strongly of DMT) which I’m assuming to be mostly N-methyltryptamine/NMT(?)

The waxy oil is definitely active when vaporized, but the required dosage seems slightly higher and the trip is a bit more confusing/disorienting in one of those “I’m going to be stuck like this forever” type of ways.