dmt extract

DMT Trip Report

It was my 4th DMT trip and I wanted to reach my first real breakthrough at this day so I decided to smoke 150mg of my extracted DMT but accidentally smoked a bit more. I tried to inhale as much as possible with my first hit and I was already able to feel the first effects after I exhaled. My heart was beating really fast and I got terribly afraid. I hurried up and took another big hit.

Within a few seconds the DMT kicked in and I had really intense visuals. It started with kaleidoscopic patterns, huge eyes and scary faces on my walls and I heard really strange noises. Everything slowed down, it was like one second is a minute long. The visuals were getting more and more intense and I saw hands coming out of my wall which tried to grab me. I was not relaxed at this point because it was really scary and I’ve never had such an experience before. After a while one hand managed it to grab me and pulled me roughly close to the wall. I was really confused and not really able to grasp what was happening but It felt like this hand detached my mind from my body and for a short moment I was able to see myself in a third person vision. I’ve already had some out of body experiences but this was by far the strangest. After the hand pulled me out of my body it dragged me somehow through the wall and I wasn’t in my room anymore. I was standing in the middle of a really bright room and I’m sure that I’ve never been here before but it felt familiar though. I wasn’t sure what would happen now and one thought overcame me: “What if you’ll never come back”. I knew the trip would end normally after like 10-15min but my sense of time was completely gone. I thought I was already tripping for an hour or so.

I calmed down a little bit and I started to enjoy being at this place because there was an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. I got more and more lost in my thoughts: „What kind of place is this?“ „Why am I here?“ „What will happen now?“. Time went by, for me it felt like an hour again, and a bright light appeared suddenly in front of my eyes, a light so bright that I was barely able to keep my eyes opened. I was scared at first but this ray of light seemed to be peaceful as well. I approached the light and the closer I got the more I came to the conviction that this ray of light looked like a female shape. I realized that this could be kind of a “DMT World” being like the machine elves I’ve read a lot about and I guess she gesticulated me to follow her.

I got closer and closer and she stretched her hand out to me and I’m not sure but I think she wanted to show me something. She pointed on a portal or something and I walked through it. What I’ve seen then was just unbelievable and almost indescribable. I saw another world, beautiful and filled with colors and just the most peaceful place I’ve ever seen. It was just breathtaking and I really don’t have words to describe this. Sadly it only lasted a few moments before I was back in my room. I was no longer in that bright room and almost every DMT effect was gone beside a few patterns on my walls. I can’t tell you how damn confused I was after I looked at the clock and noticed that only 16 minutes have passed. The DMT afterglow lasted around 10 more minutes and I was lost in my thoughts for a few hours after the trip

From left to right:

- vial of primarily N,N-DMT with what I assume to be trace amounts of DMT-N-oxide present

- About a 50/50 mix of slightly yellowish N,N-DMT crystals with the oxide.

- A dark yellow, waxy, slightly oily substance from the 4th-5th naptha pulls (still smells very strongly of DMT) which I’m assuming to be mostly N-methyltryptamine/NMT(?)

The waxy oil is definitely active when vaporized, but the required dosage seems slightly higher and the trip is a bit more confusing/disorienting in one of those “I’m going to be stuck like this forever” type of ways.