dmt entity

just as birth is a transition from the womb to a higher-dimensional and vastly more complex world, so death (if the mental body is sufficiently developed) is a transition from the world of physical life to the higher-dimensional and vastly more complex world of the DMT entities.
—  Peter Meyer, 2008
Riding the Rainbow

Strange and excitedI stand in awe of your rainbow halo
On this eternal day
That I have waited for all my life
Fractal worlds of ever emerging fireworks
We know without need for words
You sense my adoration, my surrender
You wrap your darkness around me
Thick and safe
Unwavering and masculine
yet stripped of  that human arrogance
enveloped in you, arms outstretched
We fly and I am within you
As you become airborne
A great black bird
You indulge my schoolgirl excitement
And you know how to thrill me
I feel your presence and I am fearless like you
Confident, strong
Tears of ecstacy fly from my eyes
As we rocket through your hidden world
Riding the rainbow
Laughing and smiling
My dark love
My one
Defined by a universe of pure light