Cold Harbor DMR Rifle with Arc'teryx LEAF Khard 40 Pack and Cold Harbor DMRCR.

The Cold Cold Harbor DMR is built on the Springfield Armory M1A with a Vltor M1S Socom Modstock and CASV-14 rail. Also pictured here are the Nightforce3.5x15-50 NXS Scope, Laser Devices Inc. DBAL A2,Aimpoint T1 on a LaRue Tactical Offset Mount, Blue Force Gear, Inc. SOC-C Sling and a B5 SystemsSOPMOD stock. Hydro transfer and Cerakote by Joint Force Enterprises.

The Cold Harbor DMRCR chest rig is built by Extreme Gear Labs Fan Club. 

Also pictured are Oakley Radar glasses and Outdoor Research Tactical-HSP Ghost Ring Gloves.

Zastava M91
Heard some rumors about these being imported for sale soon. I’m guesing they will come in with synthetic stocks and a stamped receiver, but they should come with a ZRAK optic. They take SVD mags and have an adjustable gas system, and the FSBs are threaded for a suppressor.

I’m excited.