Agents of Virtue. Each agent is paired with an angel representing a virtue that helps them fulfill a specific role within their squad. Noble in their purpose and swift in their dealing of justice they maintain the balance between worlds. 

1:Kindness, Powerful but frail magic user.

2: Humility. Stealth infiltrator/flanker

3: Charity. Support healer.

4: Chastity. CQC specialist.

5:Temperance. Strategists able to fill multiple roles.

6: Patience. DMR trapper/zone controller.

7: Diligence. Heavy support tank.


1961/1962 Sino-Soviet SKS with PU scope mount. Imported by KFS in Atlanta back in the 90s I suppose. Barrel and receiver have Russian proofs on them (Pictures coming when I break it down). It’s interesting to note that the rifle seems to have been refurbished, all the serials are scrubbed except for the bolt and floorplate. With the serial number production date, I wonder if it was an original DMR that got refurbished and exported. 

Now to hunt for a PU scope and mount. 


-Back to Action-

Que empieze la Masacre, Yeah i needed say that in spanish xD - anyway , Here is a Collection for @texd41 with her 3 most importants OCs : 

Spartan A54 Aka Karen Neves 

Spartan D41 Aka Tex (  Mary Derwolsfmseer )

Spartan E28 Aka Derrick Derwolfsmeer ( Black Bird )

( With Some references :P ) Hope you like it Tex! one…Bid…stay alert guys