Crystals of 2-iodobenzoic acid that crystallized out from the reaction mixture.

2-iodobenzoic acid is a quite easy to prepare chemical, made from anthranilic acid by the Sandmeyer reaction. It starts with the diazotization of anthranilic acid followed by a diazo replacement. First anthranilic acid is treated with nitrous acid in order to convert the amino group into the diazo group. The diazo group is ejected, yielding a carbocation which is then attacked by highly nucleophilic I− anion.

From o-iodobenzoic acid several chemicals could be made, on of these and probably one of the most famous is the IBX and the Dess-Martin Periodane. 

Dess–Martin periodinane (DMP) is a chemical reagent used to oxidize primary alcohols to aldehydes and secondary alcohols to ketones. Compared to other reagents, it has several advantages that include milder conditions (room temperature, neutral pH), shorter reaction times, higher yields, simplified workups, high chemoselectivity, tolerance of sensitive functional groups, and a long shelf life. It is named after the American chemists Daniel Benjamin Dess and James Cullen Martin who developed the reagent in 1983.

It’s produced with a two step reaction, involving the oxidation of the iodine atom of the corresponding benzoic acid with Oxone or potassium-bromate and sulfuric acid, than treating the resulting IBX (2-iodoxybenzoic acid) with acetic anhydride. The only bad point in the synthesis, that the IBX and the DMP could explode if not treated properly.
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Congratulations to the Netflix Drama Series ‘The Crown’ on their 13 Emmy Nominations.

  • Outstanding Drama Series-The Crown
  • Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series-Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II, The Crown
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series- John Lithgow as Winston Churchill, The Crown
  • Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series-”Assassins” written by Peter Morgan, The Crown
  • Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series- “Hyde Park Corner” directed by Stephen Daldry, The Crown
  • Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Period Drama (One hour or more)- “Smoke and Mirrors”( Martin Childs, Production Designer; Mark Raggett, Art Director; Celia Bobak, Set Decorater)
  • Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series-The Crown (Nina Gold, CSA; Robert Sterne, CSA)
  • Outstanding Cinematography for a Single Camera Series (One hour)-”Smokes and Mirrors” (Adriano Goldman, ACS, Director of Photography)
  • Outstanding Period/Fantasy Costumes for a Series, Limited Series, or movie- “Wolferton Splash” (Michele Clapton, Costume Designer; Alex Fordham, Assistant Costume Designer; Emma O’Loughlin, Assistant Costume Designer; Kate O’Farrell, Costume Supervisor)
  • Outstanding Hair Styling for Single Camera Series- “Hyde Park Corner” (Ivana Primorac, Department Head Hair Stylist; Amy Riley, Key Hair Stylist)
  • Outstanding Main Title Design- The Crown (Patrick Clair, Creative Director; Raoul Marks, Lead Composition and Animator; Javier Leon Carrillo, Look Developer; Jeff Han, Designer)
  • Outstanding Music Compostition for a Series (Original Dramatic Score)- “Hyde Park Corner” (Rupert Gregson-Williams)
  • Outstanding Special Visual Effect in Supporting Role- “Windsor” (Ben Turner, Visual Effects Supervisor; Tom Debenham, Consulting Visual Effects Supervisor; Standish Millennas, Visual Effects Producer; Kim Phelan, Visual Effects Producer; Oliver Cubbage, Lead CG Artist; Lionel Heath, Lead Compositor; Charlie Bennett, Lead DMP Artist;  Stephen Smith, Lead Roto-Prep Artist; Carmine Agnone, Lead Matchmove Artist)
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Mr. Osterfield / Haz Drabble

Pairing: Haz x Reader

Featuring: Harrison Osterfield

Warning: fluff, angst?, kissing and such. SLIGHT smut

Request - 37 and 50 with Haz xx

37 - “I like it when you look at me like that. Biting your lip and everything.”

50 - “Beg for it.”

Originally posted by hazosterfield

The door shut loudly behind you as you entered the apartment, your face going into a grimace, knowing you probably woke your boyfriend. Creeping along the hallway, you didn’t turn on any lights as you made your way into the kitchen, afraid of disturbing his sleep. Though, when you walked in, there your boyfriend stood. In nothing but his joggers, his hair an unruly mess - you guessed he had just gotten out of bed.

“Harrison?” You asked softly, staring at your boyfriend in confusion. He looked up from the mug he held in his hands, his eyes looked tired.

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And I rebblog it anyway...


Hi, Hello, this is your daily reminder that

  • Buffy did not “use Spike for sex,” Spike preyed on Buffy’s depression and PTSD to coerce her into starting a sexual relationship with him.
  • Their relationship is not “mutually abusive.” Spike stalked, manipulated, gaslit, and assaulted Buffy throughout the entirety of their “relationship.”
  • Spike is Buffy’s abuser. Buffy is not Spike’s abuser, she is his victim.

Have a nice day :)  



In Life Serial, he tells her she’s not a school girl even though she was a great university student, sometimes with marks higher than Willow. He basically says human society isn’t her world and she’s a creature of darkness. Fans acted as though he was speaking truth. He takes an inebriated Slayer to a demon bar and then encourages her to fight while she’s so drunk so can barely get her jacket on.

In All the Way, Spike purposely uses double entendres and then acts as though she’s the one with sex on the brain for assuming he was talking about anything sexual. He calls her on barging into his crypt when he has broken into her house multiple times to sniff her clothes, steal her clothes and photos of her probably from family albums her mom organized, and tell her something while she’s naked in bed.

In OMWF, he sings that she shouldn’t come by to talk about her suicidal depression unless she’s also going to have sex with him. That’s an ultimatum and the epitome of Nice Guy thinking being a decent person without a sexual reward is being friendzoned. She has to stop him from murdering a priest. He acts offended when she reminds him he told her to stay away. He tells her he hopes she and Dawn burn to death (Buffy died 6 months earlier via her internal organs & nervous system frying/liquefying). He sings she’s probably laughing about his feelings for her even though he knows she’s depressed and can barely muster a fake smile. He sings “I hope she fries, I’m free if that bitch dies!” And then plots doing it himself, “First I’ll kill her” “Then I’ll kill her”. And yet fans saw it as romantic when they kiss in the alley he twice threatened to murder her in after she nearly incinerated from lack of resolution over her depression, pleading with another immoral demon (Sweet) to give her something anything to sing about.

In Tabula Rasa he said to Buffy, “Don’t get all prim & proper on me. I know what kind of girl you really are.”

In Smashed, he called her a tease for kissing him on two occasions despite her explaining why she did it (depression, vulnerability). He shouts that he’s the only one there for her and that she has no one else. He followed her even though she wanted him to leave her alone and then roughly grabbed her, saying, “Stop walking away.” She hits him and says “Don’t touch me!” Instead of listening he hits her back. When he realizes he can once again physically harm her, he plots raping her (stun gun, chains, rose petals on bed, vinyl record playing, sinister phone call), taunts she came back “wrong” & “a little less human” and repeatedly hits her when she’s too in shock at first to fight back. He mocks her for being a “poor little lost girl” and not having anyone.

In Wrecked, he grabbed her to the ground, forced his fingers in her while she fought him and said “No” “Ow” and “Stop”. He tried to physically prevent her from leaving. She had to order, “Let me go.” He threatened to kill her if she didn’t stop acting “like a bitch”.

In Gone, he came to her house. He thought because he had her one night he can now touch her whenever he wants. He once again put his hand down south. She told him “Stop that”. He does it again but angrily when she says “Why won’t you leave? Get out of here!” He sexualized her hair so she got a pair of scissors and chopped it off.

In DMP, he came to her work multiple times. He taunted her again about being a demon. He didn’t question Buffy having sex against a fast food joint in an alley next to a dumpster. That is the spot the phallic demon paralyzed its victims before eating them. The episode is a metaphor for how she suffers emotional paralysis and despite not actively stopping Spike, it’s not fully consensual. “I’ve tasted it” She is physically paralyzed by phallic venom and literally was being eaten alive.


Excellent examples! This ship is just so abusive. It’s an example of what to avoid at all costs; it’s never been something to be venerated.


@rahirah @gite63 @feliciacraft @gwendolenau @zeeotheraxe

Anyone want to take this one on? I’m too bored with it.

@luscious2 - see. Spike hate is still the biggest hate. The very bigly bestest hate.. Enough so that the haters feel the need to lecture people who see events differently. It’s like evangelical hate - if you don’t agree you must be subhuman. It’s classic, frothing at the mouth, self righteous detailed anal hate. Spike is not a simple nice guy - he is an evil genius tormenting an innocent little girl.

No wait - that was Angelus.

Brilliant tactician trying to beat her down and destroy…

Crap - Angelus.

Haters gonna hate…

BUFFY doesn’t think Spike abused her. She NEVER said that. She had many horrifying things happening in her life, and Spike wasn’t even a blip in her trauma-scale.

That’s the story that was told. Some people should stop projecting their traumas into the character. 

m-k-denningsmain-deactivated201  asked:

Hey friend! I want to add Hunter!Sans to my multi-skelli fic called Six Skeletons in Your Closet. Firstly I'm asking permission, and then secondly I'm asking for descriptions of his personality, what flusters him, what he likes/dislikes. Even if you can just point me in the right direction it would be super helpful! Hope to hear back soon!

EXCUSE ME ??!!! 

I love your fanfic, it’s hillarious, and your headcanon for red making a nest while in heat is my new favourite thing in the world.

Now. If you want to include Hunter I’d be extremely honoured : DMP me so we can talk about it, I dunno if you got some ideas ready~