Defining moments
Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went through his stash of dead stock collection of sneakers. We got all giggly and shit as we looked.

I pretty much grew up around sneaker heads since my junior high days. I’ve known Jon for 11 years and the first thing I noticed about him was his sneakers. I used to love buying them and I still do, I just don’t wear them out, sadly. I have a couple sneakers that have no wear at all. I used to be on forums (on ISS/NT/FSF, I went by the username gorgeousoul/jane) everyday. I think one of the greatest things Jon and I have in common is our undying love for sneakers. Even if we’ve gained new interests, sneakers is one of our first loves. We pretty much grew up together loving sneakers and that’s something that will never change.


We absolutely *heart* #HumaimaMalick she’s such an amazing girl, hardworking and making her space in this world! #GirlPower #Actor #Pakistani can’t wait for #DMPS we know she’ll be worth the ticket!