HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most BADASSMOTHERFUCKINGHUMAN I have ever encountered!! Look at that form!! Look at that ass!! EY WHY YOU LOOKING AT THAT ASS. #SlapAss !! Cheers to you for learning that you have the power in your hands, that only you (general you, so this applies to everyone) can shape your success in life goals. Your aspirations are your wildest dreams!! Cant wait to see you pitch this year! Kisses 😘 #dmosk #24 #happy birthday 🎂🎈

I was talking to Danny on the phone and I put him on speaker phone, shortly after hearing his voice Tisa laid on his shirt that I was using as a pillow cover….. Somebody is missing her Danny. :) #sweetgirl #dmosk #inlove #misshim #kisses ❤️🐑❤️

Turnt up lol 💏 thank you Danny :) for helping me through out the night! I was bitching yet u kept ur cool. I’m sorry for my shitty attitude!! You’re amazing :) I love you sweets :) #dmosk #21 #birthday @dannyoaks