SCAR Squadron, clockwise from top: Shrap, Aero, Mic, Misty, Kreel, Cav, Zuke

From pretty much the beginning of 1977’s “Star Wars,” fans have formed generally less-than-favorable opinions about the Empire’s stormtroopers. They’ve earned a reputation at being cannon fodder that rarely hits their target. This real world opinion has also crept into actual Star Wars canon, specifically in last week’s “Star Wars” #21.

The comic from writer Jason Aaron and artist Jorge Molina does a lot to change the reputation of the stormtroopers by introducing the Special Commando Advanced Recon troopers – or SCAR troopers. Unlike stormtroopers, this team (called the Scar Squadron or Task Force 99) is highly trained and dangerously competent and has one mission: eliminate rebels, or “terrorists” as the SCAR troopers call them. And, as seen in the issue, the team is really good at their job.