This is really awkward but I am opening up fanfic commissions since I’m really in need of money. ;;;; I’m sorry for causing trouble but I need money to afford my books plus medication for my depression… and every time I try to apply for a job, they deny me. S-so… 

I’ll write for :

  • Osomatsu-san
  • Star vs the forces of evil
  • Dramatical Murder
  • Miraculous Ladybug 
  • OCs (if you provide enough info)
  • Kuroshitsuji
  • No.6
  • Yuri on Ice!!
  • Self inserts x any of these
  • whatever. You can also send me an ask/message about a certain fandom and I’ll see if I know enough about it or not. 

Prices : 

  • 700-800 words : $3
  • 900-1k words : $6
  • 2k-2600 words : $11
  • 3k-3600 words : $16
  • 4k-4600 words : $21
  • 5k-5600 words : $30
  • Over 6k words : We can talk about it.
  • Multi ch. fic : We can talk about it. Price varies by ch. 

What I will write : 

  • NSFW of any kind (including gore) 
  • Self inserts/ocs with canon
  • AU’s
  • Anything really 

What I will not write : 

  • Mecha since I am not familiar with it. 

Here is my AO3 Here is my ko-fi We can talk about my paypal when needed. 


Donations would be greatly appreciated and you might get a little story if you do. ;;; Thanks so much! Even if you can’t help me out, please reblog.
doujin listings
Abbi’s Very Large Doujin Sale 55 books total • all being sold at the cover price I paid at mandarake or toranoana • domestic shipping $1; let me know if you’re international • all payment by PayPal DRAMAtical Murder…………………………………………………………pg. 1 Ren/Aoba Noiz/Aoba Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack o...

Hey kids. I’m having a HUGE DOUJIN SALE of 55 books.

Fandoms include: dmmd, snk, knb, osmt, pkmn, drrr!!, tkg, and free!.

Please share the link with anyone who might be interested! Also, DON’T message me on tumblr; please EMAIL me at the email included on the google doc.

Thank yoooou


And finally, #26 to #31 of my Inktober entries. They’re mostly Yuri on Ice… oops.

I barely followed the prompts for these last days that have been mostly catch up, but still : 

  • #26 Box
  • #27 Creepy
  • #28 Burn No Prompt followed
  • #29 Surprise
  • #30 Wreck No Prompt followed
  • #31 Friend No Prompt followed (or ?)

I hope you like it. I enjoyed this challenge even if for some reasons I couldn’t post it day by day, even though I drew mostly day by day. It was exhausting though.