After months of sitting under the car cover I finally got around to installing the TE37’s. I got to say I missed driving this. The BRZ is loads of fun to drive and it’s a great daily but it lacks that thrill and excitement (and power) . It was a little wet and the combination of new unscrubed in tires made for a good time. Can’t wait to drive some more and hopefully get tuned and be pushing a little more power.

The roads ahead are often unknown.

Some travel the paths with some sense of direction while others just travel aimlessly. 

All you can do is drive until you hit your destination.

Driving up the mountain was quite refreshing this past week. Finally got to see how the new mods are working. I just need to get my driving back up to par. She’ll be going down for a little bit for a refresher to sort out all the electrical gremlins, dial in the new wheel setup and refresh all the fluids. #updates #Dmiracle (at not ready)

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It all starts off with a vision.
My first 240 was a beater 1989 fastback. I was still in high school and bought it hours before senior prom. It was my first time dealing with 240s before that all I’ve had were first gen RX-7’s (rotary at heart). When I first drove it I instantly fell in love with the deep growl of the dual apexi n1’s. The feeling was very different from the rx7. The ka had a lot more torque than the 12A had. I’ve always loved the way s-chassis looked since middle school and now I finally had one. But it wasn’t long before I encountered problems. Like many other schassis enthusiasts I ran into wiring problems. I spent countless hours on forums trying to research what could have gone wrong just to find out that I wired the push to start relays all wrong. I soon sold it afterwards realizing that I just didn’t have the funds to keep it at the time. Fast forward to today. I now own this fine machine. I’ve always wanted to build a type x s13. After owning a couple s13 coupes and a s14 zenki I decided it was time to return to what I first fell in love with. Another fastback. After watching countless videos of type x builds on youtube I was so inspired to build one of my own. I’ll admit that I wasn’t the only one to touch this car and when I got it and the body work and paint was show quality. But there were many things that I wanted to change and needed to be fixed after it got passed around by multiple owners. So I started to rebuild it. From the footwork to type x and some light engine mods I spent many countless hours tinkering and putting her together. I really didn’t have much time to work on it but when I did have time I would spend all of it working on it. I guess it was a labor of love. I am still not finished and to be honest I don’t think I’ll ever be finished. My vision for the car is still not to where I want it to be and I will continue to build it until it is where I want it to be.
To be continued..
#reddomizumi #Dmiracle

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