Super Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS styled Metal Sonic originally posted on my Deviant art account . I decided to branch out so my work could gain more notice, Inspired by the creator of the Rayman “leak” Artsy Omni I wanted to try a character I was fairly sure he wouldnt attempt, to avoid stepping on toes. All in all i think it turned out very well, albeit it took forever to finish. 

——-Move set thoughts (just for fun)——-

Standard B = Core Burst : Similar to Robin’s standard B, Metal sonic charges energy within his core, lesser charged shots will appear as burst or balls of energy. A fully charged shot fires as a powerful piercing beam. However, too many shots within a select time limit will result in a temporary system overheat and the inability to use the standard B for a short time.  (Deals 5% dmg. 9% dmg. 15% dmg. depending on charge level.)

Forward + B = Overdrive Boost : Metal sonic charges forward surrounded in a wave of energy plowing through opponents with minimal knock back, stopping roughly 6-7 units of metal sonic’s width away, or a little further than Fox’s flash attack. (Deals roughly 8-10% dmg.)

Up + B = Jet Rise : Metal Sonic rises into the air through use of his torso jet, the recovery distance roughly ½ or ¾ of Sonic’s recovery, the trajectory can however be altered in any direction before launching. (Deals roughly 5% dmg is contact is made and enemies directly behind Metal Sonic receive a gentle push in the opposite direction.)

Down + B = Black Shield : Metal sonic activates a black diamond shaped shield that rotated around his body, the shield itself can be held down indefinably but can be broken by grabs or physical attacks. The shield will reflect any projectile that hits it, and if activated while running Metal sonic will continue to slide in the direction he was moving, unable to move until the shield is deactivated. (Deals 2% dmg is activated directly next to the opponent. 5% dmg if it collides with the opponent while sliding.)

Final Smash = Metal Madness : Metal Sonic temporarily transforms into his monstrous metallic monster form from the game Sonic Heroes. The form is roughly the size of Giga Bowser and is able to be controlled as a fighter, all special moves are dramatically enhanced versions of their usual counterparts dealing increased damage.


Spooky Squid Welcomes Pixel Artist Alina Sechkin to the Team!

We’re super happy to announce that pixel artist Alina Sechkin will be joining our team full time starting today!   An alumni of Toronto’s DMG program, Alina Sechkin’s pixel art appears in Will O’Neill’s Actual Sunlight  and Necrosoft’s upcoming game Oh, Deer! as well as at the DPAD2 game culture exhibition.

She’s helping out on our yet be announced next big game and will basically double our art output. Which means you can expect a whole bunch more pretty pixels in the new game!  °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

You can check out more of Alina’s artwork on her Facebook art page!


2. Painthinna
4. PAR #18-b-a34
5. BoVice(RegularSoundin’$HT)
9. ForTheIdontGiveAFCKSonly
10. DMG$ is a secret society. All I ask is……

Cover by: Taro-Kun($WVG)
All Beats done by: BOLLYWOOD COLE
All vomiting done by: Coool Dundee
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new video bruh. shout out Jodorowsky


[NEW VIDEO] Damaged Good$ (DMG$) - “HOODRAT $HIT” (by ghostpizza)



I hit DMG with tha crew and some guy i met, big thanks to kirishii, evangelikon, and nolan (nolan is a bitch tho lmao) for helpin me get there…again…even tho evangelikon stole most of the kills and didnt let me top frag, fuck u khal

he got to MGE tho and i knew he could do it so im proud of him c:


Click the cover to check it out

1. 1Wynnewood-583Richland
2. KID$(ueaturyung)
3.Everybody Wanna Ball
4. oakcliffoddballin
5. A Based Offering
6. post function commentary
7. The Function(lol all day)
8. How I Met Ya Mama(lol all damn day)
9. Dedication: Triple DMG$ Mafia

Cover by: @HenryQuiara
All ignorant actions provoked by: @GHOSTPIZZA

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Damaged Good$ - Old Klingon Proverbs 1

Support Ya Local Pirates

Ive been roaming around the world on black folks time
pardon the delay
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with a couple sexy college dropouts that dont fck with Jay or Ye
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Id rather get both of my minds blown than worship or watch the throne
Forgive those lines of sacrilege
But i feel once you learn to fly on ya own, its only right, to reach back and burn the bridge
that leads you to follow footsteps of another human when you can search and unearth
whats inside that makes you grand and
Voila! ya own Plymouth rock on which to land
chisel that down to somethin for which you stand
im done preachin, Amen
In the words of a snitch
It aint hard to tell that ive been speakin in spells very well since speak and spells
You lames prayed to the based goddess that id fail
now im laughin, eatin plantain and sippin juice out the holy grail
Handled business accordingly , silly re-runs are boring me
They dont know how I operate so they chalk it up as some sort of sorcery
The reason im confident in the booth
Cause my rise has been confirmed 3x by yeasayers of sooth
Lets get it clear
We are not friends nor are we peers
and all the advice from you so called bosses that lead from the rear fell on deaf ears
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pejntboks asked:

OKAY SO please just. give me all of that I have no idea how to play one and I really want to learn bc they were super fun in gw1. I'll make a new character as soon as I gather the gold (shouldn't be long). BASICALLY YES, survivability, dmg, more pve oriented for now.. combos? conditions?? stacking?? skill use in order??? the Works

OK so PvE stuff about necros! Long post but I’m probably going to miss a few things but feel free to ask if there’s any specifics you want covered.


  • Most classes have stuff like blocks/evades/invulnerability/aegis to counter being smashed to little pieces by a bosses attack. Necros make due with having one of the highest health pools as well as a second health bar in the form of death shroud (not that great in PvP/WvW due to focus fire but in PvE areas that have gradual damage over time like certain living story sections IT’S A PAL)
  • DS scales with vitality! More stuff on it here but there are changes coming to it that will make it better for it to survive in- life steal working while in death shroud is a big one.
  • Necro is unfortunately lacking a in stability as well as those other things listed in the first post- most of it comes from their elites (lich form and plague form) as well as a grandmaster in soul reaping currently. We have a fair amount of stun breaks though- well of power, spectral walk, spectral armor all have one and the active ability on the wurm does to but that requires prior set up
  • Speaking of things we lack: pretty much nothing against projectiles except dodging away from them
  • sigils of energy are you friend
  • Condition management is really nice on necro and it also comes with stuff like throwing it back at your enemy’s face or eating them all for health
  • Seriously consume conditions is my favorite skill in the game it even ignores the health penalty given out by poison 
  • Necro’s unique in that it can trait into constant life steal. It’s currently kind of “eh” in the heal and damage output but in PvE it can pull you back from a pinch when your heal or dagger 2 is on cooldown. The fact that it’s going to be useful in DS is NICE though



  • SO necro may not be the fastest in slapping on stacks but they really shine in managing conditions and spreading them to other foes through things like epidemic
  • Necro has access to about every condition in the game save for confusion. Also has most access to fear in the game! And we can trait it to apply some respectable damage to it.
  • Reaper is losing access to torment in shroud, BUT in return you can trait to put damage on chill.
  • Most common gear for necros using conditions is sinister, rabid or carrion. Reaper looks like it’s going to possibly add the potential of celestial.


  • In reference to full powernecro/zerk you’ll be spamming dagger 1 a lot since it has cleave, life force build up, and a nice attack speed. Best off hands are focus for debuffing or warhorn for swiftness/CC. Offhand dagger has a condition spread/transfer to it as well as an AoE weakness for defense but you usually see it coupled with scepter because of the AoE bleed.
  • Staff is the long-long range power weapon for necro or otherwise spam life blast in death shroud. Axe can work work for power builds if you need to get little distance away from whatever’s trying to stomp you- auto attack is kind of lacking but the channeled 2 skill has some really nice damage output.  
  • Best friends on utility are most likely going to be well of suffering, blood is power, and sigil of spite. Though I often run well of corruption due to it also providing damage as well as a boon corruption. Elite is most likely going to be lich form- plague is good for tanking stuff and being evil in WvW and flesh golem can be nice for general PvE roaming situations but it’s current AI leaves it staring at flowers when it should be smacking your foes  
  • AS FOR TRAITS- that’s very much changing in future updates. Especially with the removal of stat from trait lines but that_shaman’s specialization calculator is excellent for figuring stuff out. Curses is still more of the “conditions” line, death magic has more minion stuff, blood magic is getting support, soul reaping has lots of DS stuff (including a 50% extra crit chance while in DS grandmaster) and spite has  a lot of power stuff.


  • Most support comes from enemy debuffing & snaring, and we can trait quite a few ways to heal friends using death shroud.
  • The “selfish” label on necro is due to the fact that with the boons we can get aren’t very easily shared with the group and we’re better and removing conditions from ourselves than taking them off allies. Protection and regeneration are the ones we give out the most but Well of Power can change conditions on allies and yourself to boons which gives some fun play to it. Conversions as followed:

also: farming on necro is really fun due to the fact that we can become AoE hell incarnate. Engie flamethrower and guard staff do have those auto attacks but necro has SO much instant-hit aoe and then you can spread conditions around with epidemic. Reapers adding 100% more spin to win so will likely continue this trend.

Some priest tricks

|| There is no way I consider myself a mlg priest but here are some friendly advise that i’ve learned over almost 1 year of playing priest ^^ 

  1. There are 3 cooldowns you always need to have in mind and use whenever out of cd and possible - Energy Stars, triple nemesis debuff and mana charge. Lots of priests I’ve been with these days almost never use mana charge and even tho I use mana potions, still, mana charge is a bless ^^ 
  2. Use backstep to iframe and firey scape to positionate yourself. Backstep is your only iframe and it is in a fairly high cd so the purpose of this tip is don’t waste it.
  3. Kaia is your “oh shit I messed up” skill or “We are bound to eat a lot of dmg >.< better try mitigating some of it” be careful with it’s cd. 
  4. Don’t depend on healing inmerse to heal your dps, it’s better use Restorative burst and Focus heal.
  5. 13/14 m is the perfect position for you, closer is situational, farther you are missplaced. 
  6. Your cleanse has 17 m range, positionate yourself to cleanse all the party at once. Save yourself trouble and save the panic moment to your dps
  7. Cleanse first - heal after, unless someone is instantly going to die for that debuff, then kaia him, cleanse, heal. 
  8. Your habilities have a certain casting time, it’s not much but it is something so, take that into account and always be safe while doing it. 
  9. Prioritice alive dps over dead ones, only ress when you know your party is fine and noone is gonna die. 
  10. Rebuff when you can and you are save , example, shield phases, stand by boss phases, etc … make sure you are not gonna die while rebuffing.
  11. Always keep an eye on your tank, he is face tanking a boss so be aware of his health and mana. 
  12. Be aware of the agro, a dps can steal it and then the boss would turn and fuk everyone up, in this cases, put yourself at a save spot with firey scape and then heal your dps. 
  13. Divine Respite is like the best thing ever, it’s on a long cd but it will save your ass so many times, so use it wisely.
  14. Gurdian sanctuary (even tho it’s mostly a pvp skill) will reduce range dmg and protect you from certain stuns. 
  15. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AUTORES ON ! ! (Grace of ressurection)

I hope it helps people starting with priest feel free to add your own tips to the list :3