Littlehyland - Secretly owns dmfandomsecrets? (Article #6)

You all know dmfandomsecrets, aka the blog that posts the confessions other people in the fandom send in about us. But did you know that the owner of the blog that’s done nothing but ruin this fandom, may or may not be the fandom’s own littlehyland? Unexpected right?? Lets take a look at the evidence, and hopefully we can convince you of the truth!

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So dmfandomsecrets made this blog to reveal "the truth" of this fandom

Well there is already enough hate in it as it is and you are giving people yet ANOTHER outlet for their hate and its NOT fair for those who are not bullying and don’t need a “reality check” to get hate sent in about them.

There are alot of suicidal teens/depressed teens in this world and your blog is just a giant trigger.

I don’t hate YOU dmfandomsecrets I understand why you thought this blog may be a good idea….but in all reality its just a reason for people to fight and another way for people to be bullies.