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I want to cosplay Lily and would love to get some look references from your faves! ♡

(( OOC: There are a LOT of amazing, amazing Lily’s out there, but there are a few I’ma have to sing praises to.

Katie, one of our OG Lily’s in the community. ;) @girlswillbeboys11

Ara, because… well… would you LOOK AT HER??? @son-0f-a-snitch

Jess, my luff… of course… because everything Jess touches turns to GOLD. @sirussly

And my forever Lily, Paige, who started this whole crazy journey off with me. <3  @potterdeer 

Literally all the comments are how she should just go to porn & people are posting the video that was stolen from her again. Seriously?! Saraya is way to young to be retired from in ring competition. She was a phenomenal wrestler who changed the women’s division. She does not deserve that disrespect. Retiring this young has to be the hardest thing for her to do.