Some updated commission info! The prices are the same for the things I had before, I just added some more stuff.


Full Body -

Full Color and Shading: $25

Flat Colors: $20

Lines/one color: $15

Waist Up -

Full Color and Shading: $20

Flat Colors: $15

Lines/one color: $10

(More prices, guidelines, and contact info below the cut!)

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do you like gore? well here’s some gore anime for you
  1. corpse party: this is number one for pretty much all gore lovers the animators definitely didn’t hold back on the blood and intestines 
  2. high school of the dead: basically a bunch of zombies and boobs so if you like zombies and boobs this is for you 
  3. marai nikki: in the aspect of gore?? not so much but it can definitely get bloody/ actiony 
  4. deadman wonderland: pretty gorey and i’d say stick around for a great plot twist 
  5. shiki: personally i haven’t seen this but all whom have watched it highly recommend it for gore 
  6. another: crazy plot twists and blood everywhere some girl trips on the stairs and impales herself with an umbrella 
  7. hellsing ultimate: a vampire is the hero of the town?? basically goes bat shit crazy on some germans and kills pretty much a whole army 
  8. tokyo ghoul: if you want some real gore watch the uncensored version 
  9. parasyte: aliens take over human bodys and its pretty much alien vs alien 
  10. akira: not an anime but a film still amazing and gorey 
  11. attack on titan: at some points itgets brutal stick around for those parts 
  12. elfen lied: super powerful female lead and basically everyone tried to kill her
  13. neon genisis evangelion: highly recommend this for its body horror 
  14. claymore: i havent watched this yet either but from the trailer it seems pretty creepy 
  15. soul eater: this anime can seem pretty childish to outside viewers but in all honesty i’d say the body horor is amazing 
  16. higurashi no naku koro ni: basically like corpse party some kids in a village do something bad and shit gets fucked up
The Signs as 'Dere' Types:

Tsundere: Aries, Gemini
(Is aggressive and harsh towards a crush, but sweet later)

Yandere: Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio
(Seems kind/normal, but is crazy and obsessive with a crush)

Kuudere: Virgo, Aquarius
(Seems emotionless, but is caring with a crush)

Dandere: Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces
(Is very antisocial and shy, but tries talking to their crush)