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Wait, what? A new DMC game at E3?!

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Now that it is very likely that Capcom will talk about DMC on this years E3, the question is, what kind of game will be featured there and what would be the best outcome for the fans of this behemoth of a franchise.

Here’s a quick rundown of the options and my humble opinion to all the different possibilities. Incoming wall of text, be warned.

Scroll down to the end for a TL;DR of my opinion.

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Option 1: Capcom will announce/set a release date for a sequel to the reboot series DmC: Devil May Cry

There will be screams, on both ends of the fandom. One definitely smaller part will be pleased and happy to see the reboot making a return, developing the story of the new versions of Dante, Vergil, Kat, maybe even Sparda. They liked, maybe even loved the reboot and were desperately waiting for a continuation.

The other will be furious.
“Haven’t we already voted with our money last year? What are you doing, we want a sequel to the original not this (insert hateful nickname of reboot here)! Go away with shitty Donte!!!”

They will dismiss the sequel without even looking at it. You can do the greatest job you’ve ever done Ninja Theory, producing a magnum opus of a sequel, a game of the year experience… they will not care about it, but some people of this group will certainly throw hateful comments at you and everyone defending it till release and years after that.

The third part of the fandom, which I would count myself into, would probably say… eh? It’s not something we wanted, but we wouldn’t dismiss the game without looking into it. I do not know how large of a number this group of people count, but years after the release of the first part of the reboot it seems to have grown, people from the above defined divisions of the fandom joining us steadily. If you create a good sequel, we would buy and play it. But this would not satisfy the itch for a sequel of the original. I would be sad to see the old Dante and Vergil be put back in the drawers and gain dust, again, and I know a lot of people share this sentiment of mine.

If Capcom really sets a release date for DmC2, despite the DMC4:Special Edition performing better than the definitive edition, at least give Ninja Theory enough time to produce a better game than the first. A release date by end of this year would be atrocious. Why exactly I think like this will be explained further down, but first…

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Option 2: Another “Special Edition” of an older entry of the series

I can safely assume that the reaction of the fandom to this option would be a collective “WTF Capcom?!”

Unfortunately, this is something quite likely regarding how Capcom treats DMC and it’s other franchises like Resident Evil. Remakes of older games galore! After DMC3 Special Edition, the HD Collection, last years DMC4 Special Edition, another similiar “update” to either DMC1 or 2 is possible, more likely the first DMC than the second, judging by how the latter has to be improved a whole of a lot more than the first, but I digress…

Even another Re-release of Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening is nothing to count out of the equation. A graphical update similiar to what Nintendo had been recently doing to the Zelda franchise could be something Capcom has planned for us. Admittingly, being able to freely switch styles in DMC3 without having to resort to a mod would be something I’d enjoy greatly, and them adding new scenes with Vergil to his campaign would be a treat a quite large amount of people would definitely like to see. Though I can already tell, this will end up in Capcom adding maybe 1-2 new scenes at most. We won’t forget what you did to us Vergil fans in DMC4:SE Capcom. We never will. But onto the third option…

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Option 3: Capcom will bring back the Original franchise and announce DMC5 to be released this/next year

I can see the fandom exploding with Hype if Capcom brings out a Trailer for DMC5 on E3. It is something we long desired and wished for and already showed we wanted with the sales numbers of DMC4 Special Edition.

The fandom of the original wants to finally have another adventure with Dante, expanding the story of Nero, bring Lady and Trish, or focus a whole game about Sparda and Eva, maybe bring back Vergil from the dead or talk about his time in hell… The options are vast, from creating a whole new adventure or focusing on the past that hasn’t been explained before, the potential for something great is definitely there.

With a similiar or improved fighting system of DMC4 the game could give the hardcore gamers of the fandom exactly what they desired, Itsuno’s team already proved with last years Special Edition that they can create unique, fun character fighting styles in a short development time.

BUT I don’t think they should already give out a set release date for DMC5.

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Option 4: Capcom will announce DMC5 to be in development, giving no further information about the game and it’s release

Why? A fully fledged game needs time to develop. DMC4 was planned to have 2 years of development, which was halved to 1 year. It was not finished. The campaign was too short, Dante had to play through exactly the same levels that Nero already went through, there were no unique bosses for Dante and the story seemed incomplete.

Judging by the DMC4 story book released by Itsuno after the game was on the market, they planned to have Vergil in the story, give Dante unique levels, maybe even sent him on a trip to hell – which would have been awesome, explain majority of the loopholes in the story we got, in short, setting up Nero and giving him a better development and backstory.

If we assume that Capcom started developing DMC5 right after finishing DMC4:SE last year, a release by the end of this year could be disastrous. They would most likely just repeat the same mistake they did with DMC4 by giving the fifth game of the original series a measly development time of a single year, dissapointing fans and giving out a half assed story to cash in on the franchise. Granted, Capcom could pull out a fully fledged game within a year if they put enough resources in it. But judging by the history of the franchise…

A release date by the end of next year would be better, but still something I would not want out of E3. Capcom should take time to create the best they can for DMC5. Them not setting a fixed date but rather just announce the development of part five would show that they care about the franchise, about giving the fans what they want, namely a big budget, DMC3esque title.

And yes, even if they announce DmC: Devil May Cry 2, as long as they try to put in the perks of the original series and produce a well rounded game, it would be better than giving out a half assed product. The potential the definitive edition had shown was good, albeit still not on par with the expectations of the fandom of the old series, but that’s to be expected. 

I can wait for another 2-4 years if it means that we’ll be finally getting something worth our more than a decade of waiting for a sequel living up to the potential of it’s predecessors. You should know by now Capcom that the fandom of Devil May Cry is resilient and incredibly loyal, steadily putting out content despite the lack of games you gave out, despite the fandom splitting in two halves with the release of the reboot. Don’t misuse our trust again, you have a damn well known money making franchise cow under your fleet that you haven’t even begun to milk out.

What I see as to happen most likely at this years E3? A mix of Option 2 and 4, I hope. Possibly DMC1:SE or another DMC3 release together with a short mention that DMC5 is in development. It would give them enough time to develop a true sequel and at the same time sweeten up our waiting time a bit.

But you can never count out the other options. I mean, it’s Capcom we’re talking about.

TL;DR: Capcom should announce DMC5 “in development” and don’t give a fixed release date yet, ensuring to create a fully finished game to not repeat DMC4′s mistake.


DmC: Vergils Downfall

This scene broke my heart.

When seeing Vergil remember his defeat against Dante, I never realised how inferior he felt compared to his brother. As he watches his child self fall, his expression almost seems pained with disappointment in himself, both from now, and from the past.