I crocheted the mask with a size 11 hook and two strands of dmc floss, the cuff is felt, cut to size and quilted over with a Zelda fabric. I cut out just the link panels and lined them up side by side. I tacked it down throughout all of the black lines. The clasp was also crocheted and I used beads I was lucky enough to have in the perfect color combo to keep it closed.

anonymous asked:

Hi April! I've once seen your cross stitch on my dash (it's absolutely GORGEOUS), and I've been meaning to ask for ages, did you get the pattern with a special site or something? And also, what thread do you use?

I used to make the pattern. You can upload any photo and then choose your stitches per inch, size, and floss (thread) to use. I always use DMC floss, because that seems to be the most widely available. Here’s the current state of it (and thank you for your kind words!):

(It’s going to need washed and ironed when I’m done. It especially needs a lint roller to get the cat hair off, lol.)