friendly reminder that jack’s compass points to the thing you want most, not your heart’s desire (it can be changed; it’s not fixed)

friendly reminder that jack never had any intention of handing 100 people over to davy jones HE WAS BUYING HIMSELF TIME. davy jones made that offer because he knew jack wouldn’t be able to find 100 people in time, and jack knew that too because he’s not stupid. however he had to look like he was going through with it in front of the crew bECAUSE THEY SAW HIM MAKE THE DEAL and this was another one of those instances where jack was trying to avoid a mutinous situation I COULD RANT 5EVER ABOUT THIS AND DEFEND JACK’S ACTIONS DON’T TEMPT ME.

friendly reminder that jack willingly climbed on board the burning wicked wench in order to try and save her. he was not cHAINED TO IT BY CUTLER BECKETT where did that theory come from can we s top that p lease

[SCHEDULE] 15.08.31 - 15.09.06

Monday, Aug 31

  • [Fansign] Crown Choco Heim Boy Fansign [5:00PM KST] (Baro)

Tuesday, Sept 1

 Wednesday, Sept 2

 Thursday, Sept 3

  • [Event] K-Beauty Road-Show in China

 Friday, Sept 4

  • [Fansign] 5th Sweet Girl Fansign [7:00PM KST] (Incheon)

 Saturday, Sept 5

  • Baro’s 24th Birthday!
  • [Music Show] Music Core [3:50PM KST] 
  • [Concert] 2015 DMC Festival Opening Special, KPOP Super Concert [7:30PM KST] (Sangam Cultural Square)
  • [Livestream] Naver V App — DMCF KPOP Super Concert [11:15PM KST]

 Sunday, Sept 6

  • [Music Show] Inkigayo [3:40PM KST] (Special MC Baro)
  • [Fansign] 6th Sweet Girl Fansign [6:00PM KST] (Mokdong)
  • [Radio] KBS Cool FM KPOP Planet [11:00PM KST] (Baro, Gongchan)
  • [Broadcast] A Song For You with JJCC & Sonamoo [11:55PM KST] (Gongchan)