MRamorphous - “Shelf”

I finished editing a video for my newest song “Shelf” at 4am or so… please check it out!! 

Find out more about it on the link below

I love Blogspot because it translates really well to most phones I have seen it on

Today is Day 2 of DMBstudios TRIPLE FEATURE WEEK!!

If you missed yesterday you can still catch Wanita the wheelchair witch Parts I & II HERE

Today’s Free Digital Comic is a new TALES from Fashion City comic

Envira vs. Fashion City

I’m really excited about this one… finally getting to show a darker side and more of a city side to this little world with a cameo from the lovely Envira

Thanks for reading, reblogging and liking my stuff. It means a lot to me!! <3

-daniel iley

I’m so excited to be doing another triple feature next week!!

(I currently have 4 continuing comic series I post online here and there… it’s awesome when I have 3 ready for a week….well, almost ready. The DMBstudios Daniel clones will be furiously working in the studio this weekend to get all the work done)

Thanks for reading Tumblr peeps <3

-Daniel iley