Magic Fingers

This is for @virgosista who sent me that lovely prompt today :D

Harry gets an gentleman’s facial at a new spa. Eggsy is his facialist and even if he is incredibly well trained he still is nervous over his new handsome client Harry.

Not exactly following the prompt (mostly because I never had a facial myself XD) but I hope you enjoy :D Thank you for making me smile and laugh with all the perfect gifs and thoughts you send me :D

Magic Fingers


The longer Eggsy says her name is usually a good indication to just how bad whatever situation he’s in is. This is the longest he’s ever gone though and she’s afraid to find out what has him in such a panic. Even when she had to bail him out of jail a couple of years ago, he hadn’t sound anyway like he just did.

“What is it?”

“You have to take my next client, please!”

She has not seen the man yet, but if Eggsy is asking her that and throwing in the puppy eyes, there must be something really awful about him. Eggsy is usually the one who takes all the bad clients and does it with a smile.

“What is it? Did he use to buy drugs from you or something?”

“No! That’s not it…” He keeps looking over where the massage rooms are, where Mr Hart is currently getting one before his scheduled facial. “I just.. I can’t do it Rox! He’s too hot!”

For a moment, she simply stares at him with a blank expression before she punches him on the shoulder. Hard.

“You are such a dick! I was actually worried you fuckwit!” She has a few more insults for him until she realises how stressed Eggsy really is. “Eggsy? What aren’t you telling me?”

He would probably prefer having his teeth pulled, but he ends up answering her anyway, even if he looks anywhere but at her.

“I might have been the one to recommend he came here? And I might have exaggerated how good I am? And I know I’ll fuck it up and Harry won’t talk to me again… Or worse, he’ll keep talking to me, but just because he’s a gentleman and too polite to tell me to fuck off and-”

“Wait, wait, wait! Back it up. ‘Harry’ as in the Harry from the cafe you’ve been pining over for weeks?”


If he looked panicky before, now he looks seconds away from digging a hole into the ground and burying himself alive.

“Unwin, I know you. If anything, you’ve downplayed your skills. And if he wasn’t interested, he wouldn’t have requested you. So put on your big girls panties and seduce him with your magic fingers.”


“No ‘buts’! You got this! He won’t even remember he got a massage before you gave him his facial. Heck, if he doesn’t ask you out for dinner by the end of it, there’s something wrong with him!”

It’s obvious Eggsy wants to say something in protest but that’s when Amelia gets back to the front desk to tell him that Mr Hart is ready for him.

The poor girl doesn’t understand why Roxy snickers at her choice of words or why Eggsy groans, but at least he’s not trying to flee.

It’s not like she would have let him anyway.

She’s getting rather tired of the pining.