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I have had dermatilomania (scalp) for about ten years now. I have recently notifies small, scaly pink lumps with prickly hair growing out of them. They're gross and it has promoted my to look up hairloss associate with derma. and I am now really scared that I am too far gone and I'm not going to have any hair left by the time I'm 20 (currently 18). Is this a risk? How can I undo the damage?

Hey darling,

This sounds like it is really hard to be dealing with.  I have had dermatillomania my entire life and it has drastically varied in its severity my entire life.  This can mean many things and I am not a medical professional so I can’t give a professional opinion.  I do know that when you repeatedly pick at an area the skin does become thicker and scalier.  The stubby hair may just be new hair growth as well.  I would be more concerned if there was no hair growth for this can show that the hair follicles have scarred over, but if you notice that these areas are not growing normal amounts of hair you may have a reason for concern.  I also will recommend that you talk to your doctor about this.  I get how embarrassing it is, but explain to them that you have a mental illness on the obsessive compulsive spectrum that can cause you to do this.  The best thing to do though to help is to stop picking which I know is super hard, but I am going to give you some information on it below.  The only way the damage will be irreversible is if the hair follicle is scarred over.  You can do this lovely and it will be okay.

There are so many ways that you can overcome this honey.  Dermatillomania is really hard, but I know that you can get through this.  I want you to look at a post that our lovely admin Dani made that talks about some treatment options for BFRBs here.  I also would love it if you could look into fidget toys which are super helpful for some people.  They can help distract your hands to something else instead of picking.  You can also try mindfulness techniques which can help you focus on one thing and draw your mind away from urges.  I would also love it if you could check out this Youtube channel TrichJournal which is run by a Youtuber who has Trichotillomania and she discusses all sorts of BFRB related topics.  Just remember that we are not responsible if you are triggered and we do not represent her content.  There are so many resources out there darling for you to look into and I know you can get through this.

If you feel your dermatillomania acting up you can also try some distractions and you can also watch our Youtube video on distractions here.  Also it can really help if you talk about what’s going on.  You can try talking to a loved one and if you go to school you can also look into a professional there.  If you want to talk to someone more anonymously you can always call a hotline, chat with a web counsellor, or even try out our very own live chat system.  We also have some pretty cool things called venting groups which are sort of like weekly, online, support groups.  I think you also may want to consider looking into a professional.  I know there is a huge stigma against getting professional help, but all it really is somebody helping you deal with some stuff (somebody that knows what they are talking about and how to help).  I want you to look into seeing how seeing a professional has helped others.  You also may want to check out our Youtube video on getting help.  I totally understand that money can be an issue so you may want to look into seeing if free clinics in your area are an option.  You can also look into GPs which you can read up on here and here.  I hope this all helps.  Feel free to message us any time.  Best of wishes!!!!!!!