Golden Hour - My favorite time of the day to shoot would have to be around sunset. The glow and hazy feel it gives your photos are just magical. If you’re a fan of vintage-looking photos, I would definitely advice you to go out and shoot around this time of the day.

Model: dmactherealist , IG: @dmactherealit

Photography by: visuals-by-raat , IG: @raat_fashion


In the words of Kanye West, “Aint nobody f'in with my clique.”

This is my mothalovin’ team (excluding heytobsphotography due to his unavailability at the moment); a group of young, talented & ambitious photographers & we WILL make it to the top!……….also we dress well

[From Left to Right: yusukeofnasa8 || raatfashion || mchustler]

IG: @dmactherealistphotography