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Kaiba thinks his dragons are better than Yami’s dragons. They aren’t allowed to play with each other :( The Blue Eyes fam is really curious though.

In a world where Yami missed the boat to spirit land (more like something went wrong but nvm) and he gets his own body I would imagine he would try to separate his and Yugi’s identities.  I feel that he’d be a bit more conservative than Yugi and also wouldn’t wear a billion belts. more on this when I finish something just for this topic. Main point is for this picture, i couldn’t deside weather he looked better with  or not so here’s both versions



Anthony Lemke as Three.

Jou giving them a victory sign is adorable. He’s still confident he can win even despite all the life points he just lost in one turn.

Also Yugi has apparently mastered the skill of putting his jacket on and taking it off lightning fast. I would think that would be a hard thing to do since he’d have to take his Duel Disk off and then awkwardly juggle it while putting his arms through the sleeves and then put it back on. Maybe it’s a magic jacket. Or I suppose he could have just given the Duel Disk to Anzu to hold for a second. ^^;

The Park - Part 2

Thanks for the extraordinary response to part 1 (the-park), I  was very shocked and pleased with the enthusiasm for it. I hope this part lives up to expectations.

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The Park - Part 2

“No bloody way, not bloody likely” Rae exclaimed, throwing the letter down on her bed.

There’s no way she’s going through that again.  But something had sparked her interest. He fixed up her bike to look better than it did before the mishap.  And there was that poster.  She looked down at it laying on her bed. On it was the front cover of What’s The Story Morning Glory.  He must either have good taste in music or he was insightful enough to know she liked Oasis. Or even both.

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Yesterday I was at the orthodontist with my friend and there was the most beautiful guy there in DMs and a bomber jacket and he was having a conversation with someone about how he skateboards and he was doing French inhales with his e-light and fuck he was just perfect, so I said to my friend as a joke if ever I saw him again it would be fate or something AND LAST NIGHT I WAS AT THE PIER IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TOWN AND GUESS WHO WAS THERE UGH