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disney meme [1/9] characters➞ emperor kuzco 
“he’s the sovereign land of the nation. he’s the hippest cat in creation. he’s the alpha, the omega, a to z. and this perfect world will spin around his every little whim ‘cause this perfect world begins and ends with…. me”

A lot of people (including myself at the premiere, not going to lie) got a good chuckle when Kaiba’s robot reconstructing the Millennium Puzzle made a comment on how Kaiba “likes to be reminded of [his] genius” in Dark Side of Dimensions.

However, really looking into that comment… it’s kind of heartbreaking. Looking at Kaiba’s past, he never had anyone to praise him or really appreciate things about him. Gozaburo acknowledges his intellect, but in a negative light. Even families that came to the orphanage to adopt, Mokuba reflects that they wanted him because “he was a genius”… but aside from that, no one ever praised him for it.

The difference between Kaiba and Mokuba’s growth is that Mokuba had a parental figure in his brother. While Mokuba definitely gives Kaiba that praise and encouragement, it’s not the same as having someone you look up to giving it to you. Kaiba never had a true parental figure that gave him praise and appreciation. His biological parents died when he was young, potential parents at the orphanage only wanted him for his intellect, and Gozaburo used his genius for his own gain. Not once (at least after the death of his parents) was Kaiba ever given recognition for his accomplishments or intellect. It always was dealt with in essentially a negative light.

So, yes, while the comment was definitely worth a chuckle, expressing the extent of Kaiba’s ego, I definitely feel like it has some darker and sadder undertones. The fact Kaiba, perhaps subconsciously, has to program an intimate object to remind him that he is worthy. And, if you really think about it… maybe that’s another reason he’s so hell-bent on being the King of Games. Not solely for his pride, but to prove to himself that he is worthy of praise (and love for that matter)… and so maybe he can love himself.

Life update (:

Things have been crazy lately tbh. My name has been legally changed and yesterday we changed it at social security, the bank, and drivers services. To the world I am officially Jack! It’s been an emotional roller coaster even though things have gone smoothly. Haven’t had time to take many pictures, so I think I’ll dedicate this evening to doing so. This account has grown so much and I can’t believe I’m able to reach so many people. All of the lovely messages I get from you make me so happy. I would love to talk to more of you, so feel free to message me! So much love to each and every one of you 💛 Jack


Haus Lindenberg von Florian Thein
Über Flickr:
2017, Kreuzberg, Berlin Yashica T5, dm Paradies 400


Rumor has it that the very last episode of DM is being filmed this week because of some intersting posts on insta. Another rumor is that Nia may just have left the show because she is in no pictures this week. (Honestly I think she just has been working a lot and has no time this week) or is she leaving because Abby might be back?

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