dm ep38


Yugi is just so brave here and it’s taking everything he has to hold it together long enough to do what he needs to do. It’s really difficult to watch him be in such pain like this. ;_;

And then Yami tries to hold onto him and support him and his gasp when Yugi falls over… I can’t take much more of thissssss…..


Hunh, now that’s interesting. That’s very different from what he said in the dub. The only reason I can think of for him wanting the key would be if he was planning on giving it to Pegasus in exchange for the Millennium Eye. There’s no reason why he would care about Kaiba Corp or the Big Five’s ambitions, but he does care about the Items. So maybe taking the Eye by force was Plan B when this plan failed.

Come to think of it, I don’t remember the dub ever actually mentioning anything at all about the key Mokuba has. Guess they omitted that plot point so they would obviously have to change the dialogue in this scene as well.