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who do you think is gonna hook up?

Fingers are forever crossed for Logan and Cora, but unfortunately i don’t think it will happen anytime soon. Being a shipper is a hard life. Piper seems to be on the rebound and Emmett is available. Troy is looking to mess up all the good things in his life. Anybody else sense something between Roxie and Joey, or Joey and Daisy? That boy is fiiiine. And Daisy is adorable. It’s a dangerous game. Micah and Blake are doing their own thing but who knows if that will last. Rylie and Alex are up to definitely no good. Faye and Holden finally kissed and i’m still vomiting from the sweetness. I’m keeping my eyes peeled, y’all are a horny bunch.


“Double Chic” by Alexander Nurulaeff - Dandy Shoe Care

For Italian gentleman :Mr.G.S.

To many of you happened to overturn something( wine, oil, coffe…) on new suede shoes. It is a Real Disaster!. In most cases it was not possible to clean the shoes.

But now, with the Luxury Treatments by Dandy Shoe Care also very big problems can be solved.

In this case the shoes have been washed 5 times deeply and after recolored by hand using 7 different shades of Brown color. Of course it applied a water repellent treatment that will protect them from any liquid in future. The result is a deep, rich color.

Mission accomplished!

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what do you think of some of the newbies?

I hate these questions- give me names people! Stefan is hot, but has more issues then Vogue. Peter is a wild ride and you never know what to expect. Cora’s back and that makes me very happy. Piper is fierce and won’t stand for any bull, which i’m cheering for. Teddy is fun to watch, she’s got a spark in her. Asher is beautiful to look at, but also a sweetie and i wonder what’s going on with him and his sister. Jensen is lovely, and refreshing. Vitani is my kind of girl- a woman of colour and fierce about who she is and what she likes, and confident in herself. Dot is adorable as well and i can’t wait to see her lose some of that innocence. Who am i missing?

I love how awesome and sometimes complicated dueling is, like, Pendulum Summon is really the most difficult summoning method to master, it’s filled with so many possibilities that we still need to explore as duelists, and the more you practice with it, the more you understand it and realize that it’s not only about using the right scales, but that you need to learn how to use Pendulums with your monsters and spells and traps in order to use it correctly, the same can be said for XYZ, Synchro and even Fusion, I think Arc V started the distinction between the summoning methods and for duelists to use him and choose their own, and that is creating many imaginative possibilities with the decks.