Maddie’s a pro

I’m in Drama school and today in acting class my teacher said that we’re going to study Maddie in the Sia videos. He said she was so unpredictable in her acting, that every time felt like she was doing it for the first time, that it didn’t feel rehearsed even though you knew she had done the routine a hundred times. Finally, he said: ‘talented, unpredictable and… hard working. A lot to learn from her’. 

That just reaffirmed my love for her <3 

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: what were 4Kids thinking with making Anzu’s dub name Téa? like they looked at “Anzu”, thought “this Japanese is too weird and foreign, kids won’t be able to spell it” and changed it to… a Finnish name? and the version they go with is “Téa” which has an accent over the e, so not only can kids not guess the spelling, they can’t even type it on an anglo keyboard! in what possible universe is that easier than her original name?


Sketches of Pegasus from the manga that I did last night ;3; Trying to figure out a formula for drawing him (though I never stick to formulas, it was never really a thing I did).

I’m turning 24 this month and I’m nowhere near the achievements of my idol. Here’s to the last month of my fleeting, wistful youth~