Sooo, have you seen Carol? Or the trailer for Carol? Best movie I’ve ever seen, probably. Oof. It’ll leave you an emotional wreck in all the best ways. Immediately after I saw it I wrote this song, and with the help of tittymalaysia it’s now a sad puddle of feelings that you can listen to. There are mild spoilers in the song, but it focuses on the tone of the movie rather than on details from it sooooo use your best judgement. 

The song is split narrative; first verse is from Carol’s, second verse is from Therese’s, choruses are from both of them, and the bridge is split between them as well. Basically, anything I sing is from Carol’s perspective and anything Jaymes sings is from Therese’s. I’ll put the lyrics under the cut. 

Thanks for listening, I really appreciate it :D

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4Minute's 6th Mini Album "Crazy" Tracklist

#1 Crazy
Composed by Seo JaeWoo, Bick SanCho, Son YoungJin
Lyrics by Seo JaeWoo, Bick SanCho, Son YoungJin, KIM HYUNA
Arranged by Seo JaeWoo, Bick SanCho, Son YoungJin

#2 Just Do The 1st Verse (Cut It Out)
Composed by Seo JaeWoo, Im GwangOk, Ryan Kim, Mistazo
Lyrics by MISFYT
Arranged by Im GwangOk, Ryan Kim, Mistazo, Seo JaeWoo

#3 Tickle Tickle Tickle
Composed by Adam Kulling, Alice Gernandt
Korean Lyrics by KWON SOHYUN
Arranged by Adam Kulling, Alice Gernandt
Rap Making Bick SanCho

#4 Stand Out (ft. Manager)
Composed, Lyrics, Arranged by Bick SanCho, JENYER

#5 Show Me
Composed by Seo JaeWoo, Son YoungJin, Lee Brian D
Lyrics by Bick SanCho
Arranged by: Seo JaeWoo, Son YoungJin, Lee Brian D

#6 Cold Rain
Composed, Lyrics, Arranged by Son YoungJin, Jo SungHo


I will love you, like i’ve never been hurt. Run through fire for you, like i’ve been burned. Im gonna briefed it all like I never lost, gonna give it all ive got. I will love you, I will love, like ive never been hurt.