Don’t Lie To Me


[🎲] — Near gave him a quiet, rather small, glare, It was beneath him to full on argue with anyone. He soon looked back at the puzzle he’d been working on.

  Twirling a strand of white hair around his finger, the small boy held his eyes on the puzzle pieces before replying. ‘’I know you too well.’’ He spoke. Surely, he had also been studying signs that gave away when people were lying, but L was far too advanced and schooled in that sort of thing to be as easy to read. 

 ‘’It upsets me because I look up to you. You’re supposed to be a good example.’’ He spoke clearly and when he finished speaking he continued to puzzle, putting it together piece by piece.

Don't Listen To Me Chapter 5

Phew! I wrote this all in a matter of ten minutes thanks to some inspiration. It’s not as long as I had hoped but nevertheless here it is. c: I’ll try not to leave a huge gap in this fanfic like I’m doing with the others… (i should be working on those but asksbadab)

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