DLSSP South 2012! :)

Yesterday was Circle K’s DLSSP South. We helped fix up this emergency shelter for kids. It was super fun seeing all the people from around Cali-Nev-Ha and doing things like painting, gardening, and making PTP dolls. Saw a lot of old faces like Teresa, Jennifer, Ngan, Huy, Sean, and Vincent Vu! Met a lot of new people, especially from UCLA (Randy and Rouel!) and made a lot of new friends, which I absolutely love. It was just really really fun and a good environment to be around. Pricked my finger with a needle accidentally while trying to horribly sew the PTP doll…During lunch, I was a GENIUS and thought of a way to have both peanut butter & jelly AND a ham sandwich. Then my whole group copied me. Played intense rounds of PONCHO and “Down by the banks”. I hate playing with Nathan, he cheats. Best part was Sonic throwing it down in a “dance battle” with Andy. HE GOT OWNED. Could not even pick up what we threw down. We even took Alex from his side, LOL. That was seriously the most hilarious part of my entire day. I couldn’t even stop laughing. The entire thing was really long and tiring but I had such a good time that it made up for all the tiredness. I’m really glad I got the opportunity to go up to Riverside and help out with DLSSP 2012, definitely making an effort to go again next year. :)

This morning, I went to Starbucks and I saw this poster for Jin Akanishi’s upcoming concert in LA (I think) and I was like WHOA, ‘cause I remember seeing him in Yukan Club and I know he’s in that one popular group (Arashi?) so I was like WHOA. And then I see under special performance by Joseph Vincent. And I’m like WHOA. WHAT. That’s a weird combination but…props to JV for getting to open for a world-famous act like Jin Akanishi. Mad props. Anyways, I just thought that was interesting…Also, this morning, I thought I was being followed by this creepy worker guy on my walk to class and I was SO READY TO THROWDOWN and flip the guy over my shoulder just the way Nathan taught me! But, the guy actually wasn’t following me so I didn’t have to…but the important thing was I WAS PREPARED FOR IT. THUG LIFE. So, midterms are over, which means I kinda get to reset (sortakinda) my quarter and REALLY work hard, extra extra extra hard, to prepare for these classes. Aced three of my midterms but really not sure about Bio…I just hope I did okay on that…I was gonna go to the Arts For All Bookaway project tonight but I’m just really tired and my sister doesn’t have school today so I’m gonna take her out for lunch 'cause I miss that little weirdo. I’m probably gonna go to the Arts For All project tomorrow night after tabling and then SAD Sonic social at Tanya’s apartment. Wednesday, Thursday I have work and then Friday is the big big big Arts For All project. You guys should all come! Saturday, going to Thieu Nhi! Really sad I missed last week but at least I’ll be there this week. I try my best to accommodate everything in my schedule but it’s really hard. But TN this weekend so I’m excited! :)

Usually I hate gloomy weather when I’m anywhere but my house. But today, I’m just feeling really good this morning so I have this little bounce in my step despite the gloom. Hopefully, it’ll rub off on everyone and you guys can have a super good day too (because you should always have a good day). :D