The McElroys from My Brother, My Brother And Me talk dream projects and giant Scott Bakulas
For seven years now, brothers Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy have been dispensing terrible advice and excellent comedy as the hosts of the fan-beloved podcast My Brother, My Brother And Me. The nucleus of a small family empire of shows on the Maximum Fun podcasting network—including a Bachelor



Elyse & ??? (Beth) by TURBOW
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I don’t have name for Beth yet. Don’t even know whether to keep her as Elyse alternative ver. or as new character. Huh huh. Beth head is a leeeettle bit smaller than Lorina head in real life but the resin thickness is much thicker. I even accidentally damaged Beth default make-up a bit while removing her default eyes but no big deal coz I’m not keeping her default face-up anyway. Now time to think where should I send her off for new face-up. Hmmm……… I also am thinking whether to mod her eyes wider or not.


Quick response to all my tags for #SDS and #filtermadness and #stopdropandchug and whatever else I was included on - I know at least @raineb_vsg and @shesgettinsleeved were tagging me today! Wanted to do a quick thank you about my spot in the #edenprairienews today - I’m so honored to have my story shared and for all of the kind messages I have received from my local community already 😊
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When a man asks you about an ideal arrangement:

Well, good question. My ideal arrangement is where we are both comfortable with each other. You get a bit of what you want  and I get a bit of what I want. You get to be with a sexy, romantic, vibrant, mature, and (sexual girl) who’s also charismatic, and intelligent, etc and I get to be with a man who is willing to provide financial need in my life. I want to feel like a queen and a man who can invest in me is a keeper in my book. I am open to intimacy eventually. I am happy with per meet or monthly allowances. I do like cash though. I am happy per meet when we are platonic, and then when intimacy is involve and you see my sexual side, I am happy for a monthly allowance (of course money raised). I have been doing this for a good amount of time to know what I want. Per meet, I am totally comfortable of minimum _____. I would like to know if you are willing to let me see other men because if so, then monthly will just be doubled but if not monthly will be around ____. (Remember the more you invest in me, the more luxurious I can be for you and the more “prettier” I can be ;).