Or maybe they’re the same person?!?!

October 21st, 2016

Dear diary,

I’m sooo jealous! I recently became aware that Lee has found someone with whom he spends his time while I’m at work. Of course I’ve known for years that he was there and above all was there for Lee, but I still feel the slow grow of jealousy deep down in my heart… Actually I should be glad that Lee has someone so that he isn’t alone at home while I’m away, but still…

It annoys me a little bit that he found someone who always goes for a walk with him, who always listens and never contradicts, who looks cute and makes Lee laugh, who joins him during the meals, who protects him against cats, mice and birds….

He even may sit on the sofa where I usually sit AND gets a lot of hugs and kisses from Lee! And that’s the worst for me….I’m really considering calling Lee’s brother if he could take Carl for a while…

Pete on the other hand is just a cool buddy. He is confident when he gets his food on time, gets his playtime and is petted every now and then. But Carl…I don’t know. I think I’ll have to have a serious talk with him…

xx Richard

When you may snog with women, I may also kiss my Carl!

But…but…that’s not fair! :C

Let’s make a deal! You count the kisses you share at work with these women and I count the kisses I give Carl and Pete and in the end of the day we have to give the same amount of kisses to the other! :D

OMG! That’s the best idea you ever had!!

:D I know!! Hey, what are you whispering to Carl?

That he should kiss you more often of course :D

XD I see

What’s in my bag - Jack Zimmermann edition (as of his senior year)