[Elliesimple] - Hair retexture ombré (Gigi by                                                            Dani-paradise)

  • 10 swatches
  • Mesh NOT included *click here*
  • Texture by me
  • Hope you enjoy !

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the signs as underrated p!atd songs
  • aries:oh glory
  • taurus:kaleidoscope eyes
  • gemini:mercenary
  • cancer:bittersweet
  • leo:all the boys
  • virgo:trade mistakes
  • libra:turn off the lights
  • scorpio:nearly witches
  • sagittarius:c'mon
  • capricorn:memories
  • aquarius:stall me
  • pisces:when the day met the night

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*hugs Subaru from behind and chuckles* S-Subaru-kun, I can´t hold it in anymore. *long dramatic silence* I...I...I think you´re super cute and sexy!

Subaru: H-hah!? *pushes you off* T-tch..don’t just say that!!!

Laito: Awww~ How adorable~ Don’t listen to him~ He’s too embarrassed to admit the fact that he wants to sleep with you~

Subaru: W-what!?!? No I don’t shut the hell up!!!

Ayato: Ooooh yes you do! Hahah~

Kanato: Disgusting, Subaru. If you’re going to admit such things, don’t say it in front of Teddy!

Subaru: I SAID SHUT UP!!!

Sending asks o/

smh i said i was gonna do this at least once a week, but then i don’t do it on time. way to go me >:0 Anyway i’m sure y’all know the deal by now, but here are the rules regardless

Before replying, remember:

  • This is for Pokeask/RP blogs only!
  • For a quick guide about how certain characters of mine usually go about asking things, look here!
  • If you don’t specify any of my characters, you probably won’t get an ask. Specifying your character is optional, but it would help a lot!
  • I’m not accepting likes today, so don’t expect me to send you something if you like this post.(Likewise don’t make joke replies to this omg)
  • If I can’t easily get to your IC content or there’s too much OOC in the first few pages of your blog, you likely will not get an ask. (Having a Hint Page set up will definitely help, though!)


Look, the only reason people have a problem with a fuckton of memes every day is because it discourages them from posting their own story content because nobody’s going to see it among all the ooc.

Nobody cares if people have fun with memes occasionally, but flooding dashes with it can be overwhelming, annoying, and discouraging.

Me personally blocking the “ooc” tag isn’t going to help anyone else see the plot posts I make amongst a mountain of ooc.

If it’s wrong to be upset about this and suggest people tone it done for legitimate reasons, not just ‘i’m annoyed stop having fun weh’, then whatever.

I just want people to be fucking courteous holy shit

Yui=Jesus (?!?!)

I am not the type to bash at anyone, but I saw a statement that made me quite curious… About Yui being a figure similar to Jesus…
Honestly, I seriously can’t understand how being a victim in an abusive relationship makes you similar to Jesus who is the son of God in the catholic religion (and let’s remember that in HDB game she threw away her religion/God to be with the guys- aka she became corrupted)…
And also, she was unwilling while Jesus knew what to do and what was going to happen, and there was a reason for everything he did, while Yui… Just stood there and allowed everything to happen to her, so… Yui=Jesus? Don’t make me laugh! So whoever plays the victim and suffers without reacting is Jesus?
Whoever has been in a serious abusive relationship like me and Katya aka @ladydarkcat surely knows better than staying still and acting dumb, ‘cause it won’t change things, it will worsen them! So it’s wrong to compare ‘acting spineless’ or not reacting at all to a good thing, because if I did that and if I didn’t react I would still probably be in that situation, and if I was in Yui’s place and there was no way for me to fight back (after TRYING of course) I would prefer to kill myself than to be used like a cow or an object.
And that isn’t called ‘Jesus’ or ‘not Jesus’, it’s called DIGNITY, something that Yui didn’t seem to have since she allowed all of that to happen to her. 
I don’t want to judge whoever likes her, but it should be clear by now that Yui is a representation of what we shouldn’t do if we were in that situation… And trying to romanticize her relationship of victim with her abuser… Are you sure you all like her? Poor girl!
I mean… If someone shipped me with my abuser I would take that for a 'I HATE YOU’ 'GO DIE WITH YOUR ABUSER’ and stuff… Ahhh the hypocrisy, the hypocrisy… Now Yui turned into a cult… And you claim to love her while shipping her with someone who makes her suffer… (?!)

And I must add that this is MY opinion, I don’t want to bash at anyone or insult anyone and I don’t want to receive hate back, I just wanted to clarify my point since I didn’t get that and it seemed incoherent to me.
So instead of sending anon hate as usual let’s just talk like adults and mature people and exchange povs 'kay?
Peace and love everyone.

Ps- Cordelia remains the best to me, she is sexy and sensual~ and FIGHTS.


Saving Frontierland trees for Star Wars Land.