Marcus Aurelius; Meditations: Book Two

Yes, death and life, fame and ignominy, pain and pleasure, wealth and poverty - all these come to good and bad alike, but they are not in themselves either right or wrong: neither then are they inherent good or evil.

A small portrait I drew during my lunch break today. I love Madi. I love her quiet fierceness, her devotion to things that are bigger than herself, how she will always try to do what is right by everyone and not let her personal feelings get in the way (which, I fear, will be one of the factors causing the Tragedy that has been announced by the writers and cast). That, and I just couldn’t resist the play of light and shadow on the planes of Zethu’s exquisite face in this shot.

Zethu's Fathoms Deep Podcast

Zethu’s interview was delightful. I didn’t think it possible to like her or the character Madi more, but I was wrong. Just a few quick takeaways.

- Zethu unequivocally expresses Madi’s love for Silver. Over and over and over again. It’s beautiful. she referred to them as a Revolutionary couple.

- She stated that Madi fell in love with him while nursing him back to health. She was drawn in by his strength and vulnerability. She loved the way he cared for his people. It inspired her. Also, she could relate to being so young and having so much responsibility. She stated Madi wanted to grow with him, learn from him and travel the world with him.

- Regarding the “Am I Enough scene”: She stated that it was ironic that their first fight wasn’t even about them. She said that Silver wanted her to say “yes love, where do you want to go” and he probably felt that she would answer that way because she’d earlier told him that she would follow him anywhere. The silence doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him and it will be addressed.

- Regarding Billy: She’s pissed that Billy has let his hate for Flint destroy the alliance. She also doesn’t like that Billy acts as though she’s Silver’s groupie. She isn’t. She wouldn’t follow this man unless she loved him. She’s a Queen and had a good life of her own. She’s no ones groupie.

- Regarding Flint: She think Flint sees a little of his old self in her. Back when he was idealistic. She thinks he may now want to guide her or protect her like a father figure, because he knows how cruel the world is and she’s been sheltered.

- She compared Madi and her life’s, based on Madi being raised on Maroon Island and her being born in South Africa after Apartheid. They both have a more idealistic view of the world because they didn’t personally witness the more horrific parts of slavery and apartheid. They know about it, but they didn’t live the daily brutality. Therefore, the overwhelming fear doesn’t exist.

There is so much more that I’m definitely leaving out. Like the fact that Luke’s’ eyes really are that beautiful or that he took her on a date so they could bond. 😍 All in all, it was a great interview and truly worth the listen. You have to listen for no other reason than to hear her say “cut a bitch” in her lovely accent. It’s hilarious. Even more so, because the bitch she’s referring to cutting is Silver. On his “other” leg, of course. 😂😂😂 BTW, after listening, I feel even more confident that she is truly his Treasure Island wife.