“Jason Momoa showed up looking like the owner of an artisanal craft beer brewery in Bushwick who believes that in a past life he was a Wild West train robber and he doesn’t want to ignore that part of his spirit, so that’s why he dresses like that.”


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How Was Your Week: Episode 59
“The Boyfriend Experience: Michael K, Jessica St. Clair & Lennon Parham”

Four-Twenty, Dudes! Right? Wrong! Never call people “dudes” unless you’re addressing a convention of lookalikes of Sean Penn’s character in that one movie. Yes, Dead Man Walking! Anyhoo.

This week’s show features THREE incredible guests. First, Julie speaks to the Hottest Slut of All Time Ever, Michael K, the editor of Dlisted.com, about his job as a phone sex operator, the good things Perez Hilton donated to society when he was just starting out, the backlash he gets from blog readers, and the last time he threw up.

Then, Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham, the stars and creators of NBC’s Best Friends Forever, are here to discuss how infuriating it is that Julie doesn’t know from Anne of Green Gables, the terrors of working in sunny Filipinotown, the problem behind the premise of Beaches, and how much cashmere Nancy Meyers wears to direct her movies.

Plus–Mario Lopez’s Army is sent into battle, Diane Keaton cracks the Twitter code, why Julie doesn’t want you-know-who Love-Cobain contacting her, and how “slut” is the best compliment.

Also, Julie feels like Shirley McClaine for an exciting, cat-related reason! The lyrics to the Frasier theme song are explained, finally! The term “Rowdy Cop” is used! The new Chuck E. Cheese policy is illuminated! And a disgusting Chevy Chase anecdote is revealed.

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Twerkin at Walmart from dlisted.com