dlc: summer scramble

I am really looking for any excuse not to draw armor… and maybe to draw Marx shirtless… well actually that is the main reason… I’m a terrible person.

Inspired by the summer scramble images, the nohr royal siblings spend the day at the beach! Woooo!

Summer Scramble Main Battle Theme (English Chrom)
fan made
Summer Scramble Main Battle Theme (English Chrom)

The battle theme for the Summer Scramble DLC happens to be a steel drum arrangement of the ‘Fire Emblem’ theme with various voice clips from Chrom that act almost like lyrics. It’s really funny and hadn’t noticed till recently. Coincidentaly, the battle theme for the Hot Springs Scramble DLC is the same but with Lucina voice clips. Unfortunately don’t have that one but I will find it.

Note*-the game plays Japanese Chrom grunts and voice; this one was redone with English Chrom voice clips

@abitofdeath continued from here:

Henry stared down at the colorful fish that was swimming along in the water at his feet. He’d done well to get out this far, but he was refusing to go any deeper. “It’s so pretty, Dae! Wonder what kind it is?”

“I don’t know, but there sure are a lot of them,” she said, following a swirling school of them as they circled around her and Henry’s legs. “They must be used to swimmers, they don’t seem that bothered.”

“Hey, Henry,” she called out as she turned her eyes up. “-have you ever tried talking to fish? Or is it too hard to– like with bugs and other things?”