dlc wtf

in which saeran finally has someone he can spend Christmas with ♥. i have this image of him in my head where he really is just a broken boy who never received any love…

//merry christmas everyone! i was playing the christmas dlc blind and happened to get unknown’s route. i’ve never felt this way before h e lp

Jumin: If that’s fine with you, what I’ve been wanting to do is… I wanted to hug you…

MC: Well I… I wanted to kiss you…

(when will Cheritz give me more kissed with Jumin…)


I’m both pissed off and excited at the same time

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Tho I would love a Choi Twin Bday Dlc, I have a strong feeling it's not... Usually w/dlcs, Cheritz releases them way before the event (valentines Christmas + April fools) so if it was a bday dlc I would have expected it to come out weeks ago. It's gotta be Mysme related, so (I think) it's either a new character or something for saeran or v (tho it might not be a new route). sry im speculating too much but cheritz is making me anxious haha! (plot twist: it's actually Elizabeth the 3rd in a suit)


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What's with the lack of bedroom fun Bioware?

So I finished Mass Effect Andromeda and had a lovely time with Jaal BUT there’s no bedroom scenes or feature to call him (or your chosen lover) into your room? Wtf, am I missing something??

-Why do I want to dance by myself?

-Where’s the cuddle time on the bed (like previous ME)??

Ryder’s room is 3 times the size of Shepard’s! There’s no excuse!! Heeeellppppppppp! 😵😤😫😞Please dlc that’s shit


what hte fukc do you mean shepard hooked their bff tol bird up with someone instead of spending quality time with him ???

Random thoughts of the day:

- I’m reblogging a bunch of smutty fics today. Some may be a little heavy on your dashboard but I don’t give a fuck, read them 👌

- I’m pretty sure my client noticed “cowgirl.psd" on my recent files list as I desperately looked for his wip illustration

- That DLC was…wtf WAS that dlc I don’t even 😂

- I may or may not have convinced an innocent (?), proper fan to join the dick side today



So. Prompto. Nifilheim. Let’s talk about some shit. 

Nifilheim breeds humans like livestock to use in their experiments. These humans are branded and numbered at birth. Probably categorized too maybe Idk. So Prompto has this bar code tattooed on his wrist. A key code that can open doors in Nifilheim bases. I always wondered why he always wore that ugly wristband… And now the bracelets but those are cute so I didn’t really question those. He probably has some markings on his arm too. An ID number maybe? That would explain the bandana. We all know it was hiding something. Prompto was born to be turned into a daemon. He somehow escaped the base as a baby or a toddler. He was with Noct in elementary school at age 8, so he must have been too little to remember. I hope his DLC tells us wtf happened and how tf he got into Lucis, Insomnia too of all places damn. So that explains why he had a sad and lonely childhood living alone, no family, no friends, living off of fast food because he can’t cook and it’s cheap so he got fat (I relate rip), and not having a chance to develop or learn any social skills. Thus him being far too nervous to approach Noct when they were kids. Back to the main theory I want to discuss. I am honestly surprised no one has made this connection yet… But I see how it could be very easily overlooked. There is a boss fight in a certain familiar cave we all know. Fociaugh Hollow. We need to go find Ramuh’s totem or whatever, that’s cool. We’ve been in there before in a certain wonderful demo. However, something is very wrong here this time, and it is way more significant than we think. The Naga. She’s a daemon created by Nifilheim, as are all of the daemons. She was once a human… Being breeded… Before being horribly experimented on and transformed into a giant snake daemon. Why does that matter, hmm? Because she says something very, very interesting. She says “My baby…” and grabs, who else? Prompto. She rips Prompto off of the cliff, claiming he is her baby. Is that really what she meant? Possibly. Was she just angry at the intruders? Probably. However, she continues with the weirdly specific dialogue with the boys. She asks Noctis, “My baby… Where?” Now, this might not seem significant, but it’s the answer options that make it so. Noct can answer with “I don’t know”, or “I know where.” Maybe he just wants to bluff to get out of it. Maybe. However if you say you do know where, she immediately claims that you stole him from her. Why would you steal a baby Naga? Why wouldn’t she think “oh you know where he is? Can you bring him here/take me to him?” Maybe because she’s a mindless killing machine? No. She knows where her son is. She wants him back. She misses her baby. She is not just a mindless, heartless killing machine at all. The human who lost her baby is still in there, crying out for her son. Of course, these boys have no idea that’s even the case or that turning humans into daemons is even possible at this point. At this point in the game, they still have no idea where these daemons are coming from, and they still think the MTs are just machines, not daemons inside electronic exoskeletons. Prompto has no clue either. He doesn’t know his mother could be a daemon now. He’s just panicking and freaking out that a giant slimey snake monster just ripped him off of a cliff in a dark scary cave. But that daemon could very possibly be, and probably is, what has become of Prompto’s mother. And the saddest part is, she knows. She knows full well. She recognized him. She knew that was her baby. She knew (assumed) Noct took him from her. When really neither Noct or Prompto have any idea at all who she really is or what happened to her or baby Prompto. She was sad. She wanted her son back. And what’s even more sad? Her son was the one who ended up killing her.