Gigi, we know you love to meddle… and as you point out, things did work out quite well for your brother. Keep an eye on Tom for us, though? And maybe convince Ed to watch your videos. Yeah. That’d work.

Episode 15 of Sanditon features the ever beautifful Allison Paige in a fabulous teal top. Of course, due to camera angles, we have no. clue. if this is dress or blouse, so we threw in a few shirts to balance the dresses. The first dress is $44.99, and the third is $49.99; both are from ModCloth. The second dress is from Old Navy and costs $24. The shirt in the middle can be found at LOFT for $29.50. The shirts on the left and right are $17.95 and $9.95, respectively, and were found at H&M.

Gigi’s bib necklace intrigues us. Since statement necklaces are definitely kinda a big deal right now – and because we all know that accessories can make or break a look – we found a silver one (because some of us just can’t pull off gold) from Forever 21 ($8.80) and a gold one from Target ($9.99). 


Gigi finally seems to be getting into summer mode with this fun bird-print tank top! As usual, you can find it at Modcloth for $37.99. But now here’s the really amazing part: we found that dress with the same. exact. print. at House of Fraser for £21 (or $31 US). The second dress is from A Wear for £18 ($23). Finally, the last top we found on Etsy for $18. Fly free, bird print shoppers!


Clara is always adorable, and that goes for her wardrobe, too! We’re all about fun fashion here at DLBDFL, which means we love prints! Stripes and polka dots make us happy. The first top we have is Clara’s actual shirt, from Modcloth for $44.99. The next two tops are also from Modcloth for $34.99 and $37.99, respectively. The fourth shirt is from Target for $19.99, and the last from Forever 21 for $19.80.


Gigi seems to really like those tie-front blouses! Lucky for us, they’re pretty popular right now, at least where Modcloth is concerned - because that’s where our selections come from today. If Gigi and Clara get all of their clothes from there, why can’t we, right? (At least, that’s what we tell ourselves while we add item after item to our wishlists…) The first top is actually Gigi’s top for $47.99. The one beside is the same, but in white. (It also comes in black.) The third top is for those of you who like the tie-front idea but want a pattern. This one is $44.99. And the last top is for those of you who don’t like the tie-front idea but like the color. This one is also $47.99, and it’s coming soon, so while it’s not available yet, it will be there soon!


Oh, Gigi. We love it when you’re sassy, but could you just maybe talk to William about grad school? It’s starting to seem like you just aren’t interested (which is totes okay by us, my dear! We want to see you nice and happy in Sanditon, enjoying sassmaster Sidney Parker’s company… if he’d just show his face already, that is, but we digress). Also, cute top. 

Curious about Gigi’s orange, casual peplum? We were, too! So, we did what we do best: we went investigating. (Okay, we know. Basia’s been playing too much Nancy Drew, and Connor’s been reading mystery novels again. We love a good investigation, though, especially for affordable fashion!)

The first picture is of her actual top, listed on ModCloth for $27.99. The other two on that row are also from ModCloth, the red one for $37.99 and the bright orange for $32.99. The ones on the bottom come from Target, and are each available in different colors or patterns. The first costs $22.99; the second, $16.99; and the last, $17.99.


Gigi Darcy, you are precious. We regret immensely that Pemberley Dig didn’t grant us a link to this top, because as our anonymous visitor mentioned in asking for some links… it’s gorgeous. Here at DLBDFL, we think that nothing quite says style, comfort, and “exactly the opposite of a stuffy wool sweater" like a comfy top with a snazzy, embellished neckline that allows you to be nice and cool on a hot, summer day. I mean, Gigi Darcy. Case. In. Point.

The first ones we came across are a bit fancier, and thus a bit more expensive. One is from The Limited for $44.90, and another from Piperlime for $39.99 (or $29.99 if you want it in white). A third of the fancier ones, from TrendyTrosseau, is currently on sale for $27. The last two are a bit less fancy, and both are from Kohl’s. The red one (also available in yellow and teal) is $17.99. The green one (also available in white and blue) is $25.20.

Happy summer shopping, seahorses!