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Magnus Bane + tossing things around

okay i’m like 2 hours late but 👏HAPPY👏BIRTHDAY👏TO👏MY👏BOYS👏IZUKU👏AND👏MIRIO👏
tamaki, my son……. that’s too much cake……

no offense but, i love bangtan so much? they deserve to be the happiest bunch, i hope life only treats them well and that they keep following their dreams and that they achieve everything they’ve ever wanted! and i also hope they know how happy they make every single one of their fans and that this somehow always give them strength and energy to keep making music and doing what they love because they are the most passionate ones


2k+ followers gift

Excuse the shitty previews, but I don’t like legs or feet, and obviously they don’t like me as well. 

This followers gift includes: The bear hat, the not so spoopy shoes, and the thundering jeans.

bear hat

This hat is a conversion from child to adult. It’s not base game compatible, it requires outdoor retreat. There is some clipping if your sim has very big or “long” ears.


not so spoopy shoes

I edited the boots from the spooky stuff pack so they wouldn’t have that .. thing in the front? You know, they look like normal shoes now.


thundering jeans

A different version of my older thunder skinnies. It’s not skintight, but should work properly this time. Yay.


Artist Class

What kind of RPG Artist are you??

HP - How many years you’ve been actively drawing

ATK - Ability to draw from life/realism

SPATK - Ability to draw aesthetic/stylized

DEF - Ability to draw for long periods of time without cramping

SPDEF - Ability to draw many pieces without running out of fresh, new ideas

Speed - How fast you can draw

Every time I read a shallura fic where they bone in Shiro’s room I just have this niggling thought in the back of my head that Shiro sleeps in the same area as the other paladins… his room is probably flanked by Keith and Pidge … Ahhhhhh

아름다워 (Beautiful) Acoustic Cover
by Anna Sophia
아름다워 (Beautiful) Acoustic Cover

Sooooooo, I did a thing. bahaha i’ve had the song hella stuck in my head and i decided to look up the chords to play on the guitar and then this happened. 

Pleaaaaseee forgive my terrible pronunciation. >___< haha 

yall my heart is rly gonna break, monsta x always work so hard and improve each comeback because not only do they want to better themselves and their music, they also feel like they can’t disappoint fans (which is impossible really, they’ve never disappointed us) and to hear that all they want now is a nomination instead of a win is so terribly sad because it’s really on us as fans to give them those things and it’s definitely not too much to ask of us considering all of the hard work they’ve put into their careers and the love and trust they’ve given us. really, all i can think of is that one vlive during rush promotions where they were telling us it’s their fault they didn’t get a win and how sorry they were and how they’ll work even harder and it makes me want to cry now just thinking about it because it’s never their fault. it also just makes me worry because how hard do they have to be on themselves to feel like not getting a fan-voted award is their fault??

i know they have plenty more years to come but they deserve this long-awaited win NOW!!! this comeback is evidence of the amount of effort and care they’ve all put into the album as a whole and i really think it’s the best comeback they’ve had so far. can we just applaud the fact that their first full album is absolutely amazing?? they’ve never released one bad song but this album really hits it out of the park! ‘beautiful’ is an amazing song and has stunning choreo, it deserves all the hype it gets. plus, i feel like this first win will give them the recognition and validation they deserve. they put so much pressure on themselves, this win could ease some of their worries about how they’re doing as a group and show how much we care.

can you just imagine they finally get their first win??? on a song from their first album??? JUST BEFORE THEY HIT THEIR 2-YEAR MARK???? i know we have a few odds stacked against us so please, monbebes, i hope we can pull it off this time and give them a win. fans of other groups, i hope you can give our boys a chance to at least check out their music and see why we love them so much, or just help us out with streaming and voting because we are a kinda small fandom and only have about 4 weeks before they stop promoting ‘beautiful’. please, let’s do this for them.